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The Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) and 3rd Level Consulting are pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership to further enhance services provided to the AGF members.

3rd Level Consulting can help your gymnastics organization increase its profitability and efficiency. It will help you fine-tune your business systems, expand your business, and get your leadership team on the same "business page." 3rd Level's integrated services include a free E-book, online management and leadership courses, weekly business education articles, a business issues "hot line," workshops, conferences and customized services as needed. Visit for more details.

All AGF member club benefits (Bronze level membership) include:

Help videos to get you started

Business Hot Line

For any business issues, please email:

Barbara Anne May:  

Frank Sahlein:


Click the logo to go to the 3rd Level Consulting website SS Dashboard. The Success Solutions Dashboard is a dynamic and interactive online business management tool to develop clear direction and organization of all of the vital work necessary to grow your gymnastics business.


Click to access 3rd Level Monthly Webinars on YouTube.




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