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Coaches are highly regarded and their time is always in demand. At the same time, they enjoy flexible schedules. Coaches may spend just a few hours a week working with gymnasts to build their skills, or have a full schedule training athletes for competitive events both locally and nationally.

Please click to download NCCP Training Pathway

NCCP Training Pathway


Pre-CIT (Pre Coaching Training Program)

The Pre-CIT Program has many benefits including coach recruitment and retention. Integrate the Pre-CIT program and add value to your club and coaches!

The Pre-CIT program is a one or two year program that introduces young teens ages 13 and 14 years to the various aspects of coaching gymnastic sports, and prepares them for entry into the Gymnastics Foundations component of the National Coaching Certification Program.

The Pre-CIT program includes individual study, mentorship and hands-on coaching experience, under the supervision of a Mentor Coach. The Pre-CIT can act as an assistant coach under the direction of a certified coach, but cannot have sole responsibility of a group.  A Pre-CIT must always be under the direct supervision of a certified coach who is at least 18 years of age.  Direct supervision is defined as one certified coach supervising one Pre-CIT at one time. 

View more information on the Pre-CIT program | View Pre-CIT workbook | View Pre-CIT mentor guide

National Coaching Certification Program

The Coaches Association of Canada (CAC) has developed the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) as a coach training and certification program for all coaches. The new NCCP is moving towards a competency-based approach where coaches are trained and evaluated in several core competencies.

The purposes of the NCCP are:

  • To promote and develop excellence in coaching in Canada.
  • To provide coaches at all levels with a systematic way to improve their knowledge and skill in the theoretical, technical and practical aspects of coaching.

The NCCP for Gymnastics will Certify Coaches on 6 Levels:

  • Gymnastics Foundations (GF)
  • Competition 1 (Beginning Competitive Gymnastics) – Level 2
  • Competition 2 (Provincial Competitive Gymnastics) – Level 2+
  • Competition 3 (Provincial/National Gymnastics) – Level 3+
  • Competition 4 (High Performance Gymnastics) – Level 4
  • Master Coach - Competition High Performance Coach

NCCP Training Pathway

Gymnastics Foundations Course Descriptions

Gymnastics Foundations THEORY (4 hours)

This 4 hour NCCP course will take place in a classroom setting and is applicable to all gymnastics disciplines. It will cover the modules Planning a Practice and Making Ethical Decisions. Upon completion of the THEORY course all coaches should complete the online MED (Competition Introduction) evaluation. See MED section for more details.

Gymnastics Foundations INTRODUCTION (9 hours)

This one day NCCP course is taught in the gym and is an active course. It is relevant to all gymnastics disciplines (Active Start, Artistic, Trampoline & Rhythmic). The course will cover the Fundamentals of gymnastics while developing Fitness abilities and having Fun.

Gymnastics Foundations DISCIPLINE SPECIFIC (9 hours)

We are currently running 3 discipline specific NCCP courses. Each of these one day courses will provide information specific to each discipline and will take place in a gym setting.

Sport Specific Disciplines

Active Start (AS)

  • This course is designed for coaches working with preschool age children. Coaches are introduced to the AS approach, the AS child, the AS lesson and the AS program.
  • Coaches will be equipped to coach participants under 6 years old.


  • Coaches will learn Fundamental Movement Patterns (landings, stationary positions, locomotion, rotation, spring and swing) and basic skills specific to artistic gymnastics.
  • Coaches will be equipped to coach Recreational Artistic participants 6 years old and older.


  • Coaches will learn progressions and safety tips for teaching basic jumps, body landing skills, adding twist before or after a skill and combination skills specific to trampoline gymnastics. This course does not include any inverted skills.
  • Coaches will be prepared to coach Recreational Trampoline participants 6 years old and older.

THEORY + INTRO + SPORT SPECIFIC (Artistic, Trampoline etc.) = TRAINED

“TRAINED” coaches may independently coach their own group of athletes as long as there is a “Certified” coach in the gym at all times. Coaches are encouraged to only coach athletes at their present level of training or below. “TRAINED” coaches may proceed through the coaching pathway and are eligible to take Level 2 Competitive Introduction courses in their specified discipline.

Gymnastics Foundations CERTIFICATION


Certification is finalized following successful completion of all courses. A coaching portfolio AND lesson observation is required to complete GF Evaluation for certification. Click HERE for the Evaluation Package.

“CERTIFIED” coaches may independently coach their own group of athletes AND may supervise and mentor other coaches at or below their present certification level. Certified coaches that have mentorship or supervisory responsibilities should be a minimum of 18 years of age.


Competition 1 (Women’s Artistic & Men’s Artistic)

  • Course Prerequisites: Coach must be Gymnastics Foundations Artistic AND Trampoline TRAINED. MUST be 16 years of age or older. 
  • Recommended for those aspiring to become pre-competitive coaches or who wish to teach advanced recreational skills. 
  • The Competition 1 course will include many of the skills taught in the previous Level 2 WAG/MAG Technical course.
  • This is a 4-day course that will also integrate the Competition-Introduction Part B Theory modules (Teaching & Learning, Designing a Basic Sport Program, Basic Mental Skills and Nutrition).
  • All coaches will be required to complete the online Making Ethical Decisions (Competition-Introduction) exam before they can apply for training.
  • Once coaches complete the Competition 1 course they will be required to complete an evaluation process for certification.

Competition 1 Certification:

Competition 2 (Women’s Artistic & Men’s Artistic)

  • Coaches who are Competition 1 Certified may attend this 4-day course.  It will include some of the more difficult skills from the previous Level 2 WAG/MAG Technical course as well as many of the skills from the previous Level 3 WAG/MAG Technical course.
  • This course will include an expansion of the Designing a Basic Sport Program covered in the Competition 1 course.
  • Coaches will be required to complete an evaluation process to become certified in Competition 2.

Competition 2 Certification:

Level 2 (Trampoline)

The Trampoline (TG) discipline will continue to follow the Level 2 structure until their disciplines have been updated. Steps are as follows:

Complete the multi-sport Theory Introduction to Competition Part B. This course is offered by Alberta Sport Connection, click here to find a course near you. It is recommended that you take the Theory Part B course before enrolling in the Level 2 Technical course, but it is not mandatory.

Attend and successfully complete the Level 2 Technical course in your Sport Specific Discipline (Women’s, Men’s, Trampoline). After completing the Technical course the coach is considered “TRAINED”. “TRAINED” coaches must be under the supervision of a Level 2 certified coach within that discipline.

Complete 150 hours for Trampoline AFTER you complete the respective Level 2 Technical course(s).

4. You must complete and submit your Level 2 Practical Coaching Form with payment to the Alberta Gymnastics Federation. Make sure your supervisor completes the supervisor’s section and signs your form otherwise it will be returned to you. Keep a copy of the form in your Coaching Portfolio just in case you need it later.


Competition 3 (Women’s Artistic & Men’s Artistic)

  • Coaches who are C2 Certified may attend the 4-day technical course. There are shared and sport specific module for MAG & WAG.  
  • Coaches are required to attain the multi-sport theory component which is the completion of four (5) Competition Development Modules. The five competition development modules are; Managing Conflict, Psychology of Performance, Coaching and Leading Effectively, Manage a Sport Program & Leading a Drug-Free Sport. To find the closest course module offerings in your area, please visit the workshop calendar at
  • Coaches will be required to complete an evaluation process to become certified in Competition 3. 

Competition 3 Certification:


Level 3 - Trampoline

Coaches are required to attain the multi-sport theory component which is the completion of five (5) Competition Development Modules. The five competition development modules are; Managing Conflict, Psychology of Performance, Coaching and Leading Effectively, and Manage a Sport Program & Leading a Drug-Free Sport. To find the closest course module offerings in your area, please visit the workshop calendar at

 *Coaches that took old Theory Levels 1 and 2 (prior to April 2004) will need to complete the Design a Basic Sport Program and Make Ethical Decisions (MED) modules before they start the Competition Development modules. 

Attend and successfully complete the Level 3 Technical course in your Sport Specific Discipline (Women’s, Men’s, Trampoline). After completing the Technical course the coach is considered “TRAINED”. “TRAINED” coaches must be under the supervision of a Level 3 certified coach within that discipline.

In order to become Level 3 Certified, Trampoline Coaches must also complete the Practical Requirements of 300 hours of competitive coaching after the completion of the Level 3 Technical Course.  Coaches must earn 25 points as per the Trampoline Gymnastics Level 3 Practical Requirements Form.


Competition 4 & 5 - High Performance / International Gymnastics (All Disciplines)

  • Combines the principles and technical elements for more sophisticated gymnastics.
  • High level competitive coaches attend week-long intensive sessions and prepare extensive assignments to complete these levels, including training an athlete to the Canadian National Team.
  • For these levels a coach can only be invited to attend by Gymnastics Canada

Coaching Equivalency & Exemption

In certain circumstances, some coaches and athletes are eligible for coaching equivalencies and/or exemptions. Please visit GCG's site for Coaching Equivalency and Exemption.

Respect in Sport and MED

Respect in Sport

Respect in Sport is a grassroots on-line training course for coaches and sport leaders. It is designed as a tool to assist coaches in identifying and dealing with abuse, neglect, harassment, and bullying in sport. The course is completed online and is a total of three (3) hours: split into six (6) simple, 30-minute modules.

As mandated by Gymnastics Canada, ALL Gymnastics AB coaches 15 years of age or older are required to complete this course as part of their registration requirements.  There are no exemptions.

If you need to print off a copy of your RiS certificate (for your own records or to provide to your employer), you can do so at any time: just login to the RiS system to print or reprint your certificate.

Complete your Respect in Sport online, please login HERE.

Making Ethical Decisions

MED training is a cornerstone of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), and leaves coaches with no doubt as to what to do when the going gets tough. By successfully completing the Make Ethical Decisions (MED) training, coaches will be fully equipped to handle ethical situations with confidence and surety. MED training helps coaches identify the legal, ethical, and moral implications of difficult situations that present themselves in the world of team and individual sport.

As per the Coaching Association of Canada ALL coaches must complete the Making Ethical Decisions (MED) component.

There are three ways of meeting this requirement:

  1. IN CLASS & ONLINE: Attend 3 hour MED course with AGF or Alberta Sport Connection AND complete MED – Competition Introduction Online Evaluation. Fee for course: $42-$52.50. Online Evaluation is Free once MED course has been added to your transcript.
  2. ONLINE ONLY: Skip the MED course and try to challenge the MED – Competition Introduction online evaluation.  You will be challenging the MED course work and will have 2 attempts to achieve 75% or higher on exam.  If you do not pass after 2nd attempt you will need to sign up for MED training. Fee for online evaluation: $85
  3. HOME-STUDY: Apply for Home Study with Alberta Sport Connection.

Gymnastics Foundations Coaches complete the MED module during the theory component of their courses.  Following the MED training course coaches will need to be evaluated on their learning by completing the MED online evaluation*. You will need your Coaching Certification number NCCP# to access the online evaluation. If you do not have a NCCP# please search for your NCCP# here. If your search is unsuccessful please contact Alberta Gymnastics or the Coaching Association of Canada at 613-235-5000. *Please remember it can take 4-6 weeks for your NCCP# and MED course to be added to your coaching transcript.  Once your MED course is added to your transcript the MED online evaluation is FREE.  If your MED course has not been added to your CAC records, you will be prompted to pay $85.

Coaches who are certified under any level of the old NCCP program must complete this module and evaluation by December 31, 2014 or they will be reassigned "Trained" status and be restored to certified when the MED module and evaluation is complete.

Coaches that took old Level 1 Theory prior to April 2004 (not Introduction to Competition Part "A"), will need to complete the MED module in order to complete the online evaluation. 

Click here to navigate to the online MED evaluation.

Coaching Resources

In this section, you will find all the resources regarding the NCCP program and forms:

NCCP Hosting

Gymnastics Foundations Documents

Competition 1 Documents

Competition 2 Documents 

Competition 3 Documents

Competition 3 Coach Certification Pathway
C3 Coach Evaluation Guidelines for Success
C3 Coach Evaluation Template

Practical Forms

Gymnastics Canada - NCCP Documents

Minimum Coaching Requirements 

Professional Development

The competency based approach of coach training includes evaluating the coach before issuing certification. Another component is the requirement of ongoing professional development to maintain certification.

This is not fully in place yet. However, once the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) has transferred the old coach certifications (Levels 1-5) into the new NCCP (i.e. Gymnastics Foundations, Competition Introduction, Competition-Development etc.) coaches will be required to meet professional development requirements to maintain their certification status. These requirements will be tracked in the NCCP database, referred to as the Locker. 

Currently only those coaches with a Gymnastics Foundations Certification can begin to garner professional development points.  Gymnastics Foundations CERTIFIED coaches will have 5 years to acquire 10 professional development points following their date of certification.

New: Earn 3 professional development points for completing the Gymnastics Foundations Intro Workbook. Upon completion simply submit the Gymnastics Foundations Workbook Completion Form

Professional development points can be acquired in a variety of ways, they may include: taking a new NCCP course, re-taking an NCCP course and attendance at a recognized coaching conference (i.e. AGF Fall Congress, National Sport Leadership Conference, etc.).

         Activity Category Points Limitations
Sport-specific Active coaching

1 point/ yeat for every season coached

1 point/year for Learning Facilitator or Evaluator activity

To a maximum number of points equal to the number of years of the certification renewal period, e.g. 3 point, if certification period is 3 years.
NCCP activity 5 point/training module or evaluation event No maximum or minimum
Non-NCCP activity 3 point for ~3 hours activity No maximum or minimum
Coach self-directed activity 3 points for the valid certification period maximum of 3 points for the certification renewal period
Re-evaluation in context 100% of the points required for PD credit in the context No other PD is required if coach chooses re-evaluation
Multi-sport NCCP activity
E-Learning Opportunities
5 points/training module or evaluation event No maximum or minimum
Non-NCCCP activity 1 point/hour of activity up to 3 points maximum To a maximum of 50% of required PD credit for the context in a certification renewal period


Point Requirements by Level:

Gymnastics Foundation Certified = 10 pts/5 years

Competition Introduction Certified (L2) = 20 pts/5 years

Competition Development Certified (L3) = 30 pts/5 years

Competition Development Advanced (L4) = 30 pts/5 years

AGF will communicate to the membership when more coaching levels are eligible to start obtaining professional development points.

The Professional Coach

These professional development requirements will further enhance the concept of the professional coach. This is similar to any professional society (engineers, doctors, fundraisers, accountants, etc.) where ongoing learning and professional development enhance the profession and strengthen its reputation.

The initial NCCP certification is similar to the requirements for acceptance into a professional society. As with any of these societies, ongoing professional development is required to maintain membership.

Coach Developer Resources

Coach Developer Resources


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