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The Alberta Gymnastics Federation is proud to present Gymfest, a demonstration event for groups of gymnasts, acrobats, dancers or any combination. The theme of this year’s event is Gymfest Gone Wild!.

This is an opportunity to be creative and have fun with what is being termed ‘Gymnastics For All’, so be prepared to showcase your participants talents, dedication and love of the sports of gymnastics and dance!

Costumes, extra equipment, fun, music, and most importantly smiles can all make up your routine. Routines must be group oriented, not individual routines, and should not be competitive in nature. Please note this is a family event and themes, music and costumes must be appropriate for all audiences.

This year Gymfest will be held at MacEwan University.

MacEwan University
Centre Campus

Christenson Family Centre for Sport and Wellness
Building 8
109th Street between 104 & 105 Avenue

Please Click HERE for City Centre Campus Site overview


The Gymnasium when performances are being held is located in Building 8.

Please click HERE for a parking map.  

2016 Gymfest Bulletin and wavier, please click below to download.

Everyone needs an oasis for some well-deserved rest after their outrageous day, time to tame that unruly mane, and calm their wild side.  This year we have a couple of great options for you the Edmonton Coast Plaza and MacEwan Residence.  Please see the flat sheets below for information on both properties and how to book your rooms.

Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel 

Coast Edmonont Plaza

The Coast Edmonton Plaza hotel offers excellent quality at the affordable rate of $99.00/night plus tax.  Please refer to the link below for more information on the hotel.

Deadline for reservations is April 14, 2016.  You can contact the hotel at 1-800-663-1144 or online at  The Group Code is : CEP-GFC15047.


MacEwan University Residence  

MacEwan University

The residence at the University offers many different types of rooms at varying rates.  Please refer to the information sheet below for more details.

Although there is no deadline to book the residence, rooms are on a first come first serve basis.  To make your reservation you can call (780) 633-3623 or e-mail  Please ensure you complete the reservation sheet below prior to contacting the residence.

Registration is now open.  Please click on the link on the right hand side to register. 

Registration Deadline: April 4, 2016 at 4 p.m.   


Registration fee                                                                                      

$85/Athlete for workshops & performances                                     

$30/ANY coach OR chaperone

$30/Individual for groups ONLY performing on Sunday

$5 per participant late fee will be charged for registrations received after  April 4, 2016. No ONLINE registrations will be accepted after April 11, 2016 4:00pm 

Participant fee includes: rehearsal timeslot, workshops, t-shirt & performance timeslot                

Performance only fee includes: an option for a rehearsal timeslot and a performance timeslot


Before you begin your on-line registration, here is a checklist to help make the process smooth, quick and not wild at all!

  1. Each of you coaches names
  2. Total number of athletes
  3. Ranking from 1-8 of workshop choices
  4. Total number of t-shirts of each size—athletes, coaches, chaperones, volunteers (*Youth s, m, l, xl  adult s, m, l, xl, xxl)
  5. Volunteers name, e-mail address, available day/time and t-shirt size (*Youth s, m, l, xl  adult s, m, l, xl, xxl)
  6. Total number of after dark party tickets required—$25 each
  7. Total number of lunches required for Saturday—$15 each
  8. Total number of programs to pre-purchase—$8 each
  9. Payment via VISA, MasterCard or American Express
  10. Please note that for the workshop questions etc, this will only need to be answered by one coach.  For subsequent coaches, please check the box marked “Already Answered”

Once your online registration is complete, any changes will have to occur by contacting the AGF headquarters wild tamer Robin McDougall at  

To complete your registration, please forward the following items to Robin McDougall at no later than April 15, 2016:

  1. A list of all athletes, coaches and volunteers.  Please use the excel sheet below. 
  2. MP3 file with your performance music
  3. Photo and bio of your team

Wild Workshop

All clubs who wish to take part in the entire Gymfest 2016 weekend, will be assigned a maximum of three workshops. So that we can do our best to accommodate every group’s workshop selections, you will be asked to rank the workshops according to most wanting to participate in. AGF will try to place your group in the top three of your five selections. Groups with more than 20 participants may need to be split into two.  If this is the case you will be contacted so that we can label your groups appropriately.

Please Note: to ensure participants get the full value of the workshops, parents will NOT be permitted to watch.  

Scott’s Wild Ride

Have a wild time with your team led by our Wildest Workshop Warrior Whiteside.  Scott always brings a fun and exciting adventure to the workshops.

Navigating the Wild (orienteering)

Strathcona Wilderness Centre will help teach you how to navigate the wild.  The very skilled presenters will instruct you on the forgotten skill of orienteering with a compass. If you love the outdoors, heading out with your family and friends on your own wild adventures, this is a must have skill!.  Learn the use of the compass, taking bearings, pacing and have fun playing games in this 1 hour workshop. You just never know when your phone or fancy GPS battery may die!

Prepare for the wild (craft)

Use your wild imagination to design a couple of must have items for your fun and wild adventures with your friends.

Wild and crazy moves (breakdancing)

This year we have a big wild welcome back for Eddy Simms, local artist and breakdance instructor. This art form is performed in the streets and parks worldwide and Eddy will take you back to its roots with the basic stalls and foot work. After this workshop you will be searching for a beat box and ready to kick it old school!

Tumbling through the wild (Tumbling)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly? Let the world of trampoline and tumbling get you started on the basics. This workshop will provide participants with an introduction to the world of trampoline and tumbling by improving their existing basic tumbling skills, experiencing progressions for the next steps and creating real tumbling lines for a power tumbling competition!

Wildest show on earth (Circus Arts)

Welcome to the zany world of Circus Arts! In this wild and wacky workshop participants will experience various aspects of Circus training that will bring out the inner silly and amazing feats that the Circus is most known for. Bring your smiles and imagination and let the Circus take you on journey you will never forget!

Gone “acro”bat wild (acro)

Are you familiar with the newest member to the AGF family?  Come learn new, wildly beautiful moves that you can take into your routines.  Acro is Internationally renowned and fast growing in our Province with a couple of programs sporting world champions!

Taming the wild (Pilates/yoga)

A unique opportunity to explore the connection between their bodies, minds and the ever-changing environment. Classes will be facilitated through the use of props, music, art, games and of course the poses! Participants find their own personal best, improve flexibility and foster a healthy body image, while improving posture, sportsmanship and focus.




Friday, May 13, 2016

Coaches Meet & Greet at MacEwan University

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Scheduled Workshops & Rehearsals

After Dark Party

Sunday, May 15, 2016

 9:00 a.m.   Admission Doors Open
 9:00 a.m.  Athletes to be costumed and at the back of the Gymnasium
 9:15 a.m.  Warm up
 9:30 a.m.  Opening Ceremonies; Program Performances
 11:30 am  Closing Remarks


Performance Order
Stampede City Junior Team
Gymtastics Troopers Team A
NEGC Energy
Capital City High Flyers
Gymtastics North
Airdrie Edge
Edmonton Acro
Capital City Junior Flyers
Stampede City Senior Team
Gymtastics Troopers Team B
Salto Stars
University of Calgary
Calgary Gymnastics Centre


Spectator admission for the event is $7.00; children under 4 years are free. 

Programs featuring the team’s photos and bios will be available on-site for $5.00. 

Cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Debit accepted.


Airdrie-JumpGym sm
Airdrie Edge Gymnastics Club
The Airdrie Edge Jumpgym team is made up of advanced level artistic and trampoline gymnasts. Their circus themed routine is full of twists and turns and big surprises! Please enjoy “Welcome to the Circus.” 
altadore sm


Our performance team has been working hard on this fun routine to show to everyone. this fun routine includes tumbling, acro and dance. they are doing it to an upbeat rap song which turns into an epic fast paced song loosely based on Lord of the rings. hope you enjoy!

Brazeau sm


Brazeau Gym Club, located in Drayton Valley, is excited to be making its first appearance at GymFest! The team dug deep into its RedNeck & RoughNeck roots to put its performance piece together.
From the Cowboy Trail to the Big City, our Chicks from the Hicks are ready to Two-Step their way through this Wild Side Weekend lassoing new friends, new moves & new experiences.
Get your Boot Scootin’ boogie on & enjoy the festivities.

CGC-Gymfest-Pic sm


Calgary Gymnastics Centre

The Calgary Gymnastics Centre’s Performance Team is a group of 15 gymnasts aging from 7-17 years old. These gymnasts have been a part of the team anywhere from 1-5 years. These athletes train 2 hours per week collectively as a group.

They have attended events such as Mall Demos, Alberta Gymnastics Festival, British Columbia Gymnastics Festival, National Gymnaestrada, So You Think You Can Dance and Tumble, and performed at the Harlem Globetrotter half time show.
The Calgary Gymnastics Centre believes in Active Start, Active for Life and being a destination for the community of Calgary to experience Gymnastics for All.

Capital-City-JuniorFlyers-14 sm

Capital City Junior Flyers

The junior Flyers performance team practice 1.5 hours a week at Capital City Gymnastics Centre. They have been learning their routine since November and are excited to show off their acrobatic and gymnastics skills for you!

Capital-City-highflyers-19 sm

Capital City High Flyers

This senior Performance team from Capital City Gymnastics Centre is called the High Flyers! They spend a lot of time learning acrobatic gymnastics and love to show off the thrilling skills they have learned. We hope this routine gets you excited about gymnastics!

edmonton-acro sm

Edmonton Acro

This mix of both competitive and recreational athletes with love the sport of Acrobatic Gymnastics. The inherent level of trust and camaraderie required by this sport has created a unique and sincere family bond within the team. They train between 3 and 9 hours per week in order to put together stunning acrobatic balance and dynamic skills for competitive and performance routines. We hope you enjoy this beautiful routine choreographed with input by each of the team members.

Gymtastics-North sm

Gymtastics North

The Gymtastics North Performance Team is 7-16 years old and trains 4-6 hours a week in gymnastics, dance and acro. Join us as we tell the story of Mathilda, based on the classic children’s novel by Roald Dahl. Our routine starts with Mathilda’s first day of school with the terrifying school principal Miss Trunchbull, then continues with a memorable lesson of the alphabet. Finally, the students go wild! They cast off their drab grey uniforms and overthrow the terrible Miss Trunchbull forever!

Gymtastics-South-Trooper-A sm

Gymtastics South Trooper Team A

The South Gymtastics Trooper Team A has been working on their routine since December and are always excited to show their routine. These girls train 7 hours a week and train on all Olympic events as well as dance and acro. We love to perform and show off our routines and skills.  We are excited to be back for GymFest Gone Wild!

Gymtastics-South-Trooper-B sm

Gymtastics South Trooper Team B

The South Gymtastics Trooper Team B trains from 4-6 hours a week on all gymnastics events. They have been working on this routine all year and are very excited to show the wild power of a storm rolling in!

NEGC-ENERGY-TeamPhoto-Gymfest-2016 sm


NEGC Energy

Our team of 17 participants and 2 coaches formed in January 2016, bringing gymnasts of all levels together for the love of gymnastics and performing. The team is a mixture of many new faces and returning faces, and they have grown in to an openhearted team. Many of our athletes are new to performing and have taken on great lengths to show their determination overcoming many challenges. With our returning athletes, they have not ceased to amaze us in their skills and acceptance of new challenges. Our routine for the Going Wild, takes a vivid approach; we want for the audience to join us through all of the stages before a crazy episode, beginning with the calm and peacefulness, while a little outburst might happen here and there, the true madness happens fast and in a short burst, then the calm takes over again. We hope you enjoy our routine just as much as we have the pleasure of performing it today for the audience.




Phoenix sm

Phoenix Gymnastics Centre

We are a group of energetic girls who love gymnastics and love to flip. This group meets once a week for two hours, and in that time the girls practice skills and create friendships. They have been working very hard on their routine for GymFest 2016, and are very excited to share it with others. We hope you enjoy our “wild” routine!

Salto-stars sm

Salto Stars

This routine is made up of 9 Monsters, aged 9-12, that love to move! They have put their creative minds together to create a Monster Mash! Some of their favorite things include working on their baskets and tumbling skills!

Stampede-City-Junior-w-Coach sm

Stampede City Junior

Suppose a curious child notices an open gate at the zoo. And suppose that child let all the monkeys out. And suppose those monkeys let out all the other animals. Just what might happen? The Stampede City Junior Performance Team goes wild at the zoo!

Stampede-City-Seniors-w-Coach sm

Stampede City Senior

Wouldn’t we all like to spend a day in the life of a bird? The Stampede City Senior Performance Team explores feathers, flight, and friendship as a flock of birds. From the moment they wake up to the party at the end of the day, it turns out that life in the trees can be pretty fantastic when it’s shared among friends.

U-of-C,-Performance-Team sm

University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is proud to present a choreographed collage of dance and acrobatic moves featuring creative movement patterns for ages 6 years old to 16. The U of C Performance Team trains 2 times a week and has pulled together this routine in the last few weeks to showcase a small portion of the sport they love. Congratulations to the gymnasts and their Coach for a job well done!

1. Have Fun!!!  This is the number one and best reason for participating at Gymfest!!!!

2. Routines may be no longer than 5 minutes.  This will be monitored in rehearsal and groups will be notified if their routine is too long .  If you are over the 5 minutes you will be asked to modify your routine and submitted music to ensure fairness for the many groups performing. 

3. Groups should be a minimum of  eight athletes, but can be as large as what can be safely performed on the floor.  Each athlete is only allowed to participate in one display.  Should you be looking for an exception, please contact Heather Sjostrom, for clarification.

4. Each group will have an opportunity to choose their own music.  Groups will be responsible for providing a copy of their music (MP3 or MP4 format). — which must be clearly titled with your team name. A master playlist will be compiled for rehearsals and performance day. However, please have a back-up CD with you in case of technical difficulties. Your music file must be sent to Robin McDougall, by April 15, 2016. You will be notified immediately if one or more clubs have chosen your song and you will have the opportunity to change it if you like; restrictions will not be made mandatory.

5. Your club is responsible for supplying any extra equipment needed. Please submit a list of the additional equipment you will be using to Robin McDougall, be sure to label your equipment.

6. Your registration will need to include enough coaches/chaperones to comply with the AGF suggested coach to athlete ratios document that can be found on the AGF website.

7. AGF Insurance coverage; please note what is acceptable and ensure your group’s performance is maintained within the parameters summarized on the next page.  If you are a registered AGF Club, all of your athletes are covered by insurance.  If you are not, please contact Robin McDougall, for insurance form.

Who Should Exhibit

If you are a retailer, a toy manufacturer, have trinkets/jewelry, small or home-based business or if you have something you would love for a lot of young people and their families to see, then our events are for you!

AGF events draw between 300-600 participants: athletes, coaches and judges.  In addition, families and friends come as spectators.  Our events provide an excellent opportunity to gain exposure for your business.

Booth Amenities

All booths are a base rate of $250.00 plus GST for a 10x10 space.  If you require larger footprint, please enquire with Robin McDougall. 

Each vendor will be provided with two accreditation badges, one table and two chairs.  You will need to provide your own linen to cover the tables.  Additional items are available at the following costs:

  • Accreditation  $5.00 each
  • Tables  $25.00 each
  • Chairs  $10.00 each

Power is available, however it is extremely limited.  Please indicate your needs on the vendor application. You will need to provide your own extension cords.

Wi-fi is available as well, please indicate if you will require access and what you will need it for.  If you know your bandwidth requirements indicate that as well.

Marketing Opportunities

As part of your booth rental, AGF will mention your booth name in our scripting during the event.  As well, we will mention your participation in our various events through our social media campaigns.

Should you have a swag item or coupon to direct people to your booth, we would be happy to help with the distribution to our athletes. Please indicate what you would like to distribute.  Note that AGF reserves the right to review the item to determine its appropriateness.  Request for distribution must be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.

If you are interested in additional promotion or have further questions, please contact Robin McDougall or (403) 259-5500 and we would be pleased to discuss further opportunities.

To become an AGF event Vendor, please go to the following link and sign up:

Please complete the GoFormz form available from this link.

All of the performances from Gymfest 2016 were captured by a professional videographer, Toren Video.  To order a copy of the Gymfest Performances, please download the attached form and mail with a cheque to Torren Video.

Toren Video
116 Dalhurst Way N.W
Calgary, AB  T3A 1N7