REC Retreat 2017

REC Retreat 2017

What is REC  Retreat?

The Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) and the Recreation Development Committee (RDC) present this unique opportunity for preschool/recreational coaches and coordinators to come together for a weekend of professional development. This year the event will take place August 19-20, 2017 at Pine Valley Gym Centre. Coaches from across the province with NCCP Level 1 or Gymnastics Foundations trained are invited to join; gaining knowledge, meeting others from around the province and building a recreation community.

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The RDC is proud to present the following workshops:

Purpose Driven Warm-Ups - Kari Binder

Get the most out of your beginner classes by starting off with purposeful warm-ups. This session will explore the importance of using every moment of class to maximize participant learning potential through understanding how to plan for success. Throughout the workshop coaches will return to foundational basics of planning and receive examples on how to improve the quality of their lessons by making a few quick and simple changes.

Math in Motion - Uschi Doneleshen

Math in Motion is a kinesthetic multi-sensory approach to teaching basic math concepts in your Active Start classes. Use the added substations to work on patterns, colours, shapes and sequences.

NCCP Games: Knowledge is Power! - Robyn Fox

Gymnasts learn faster when they pay attention to the right things and so do coaches. Engage gymnasts of all ages to become more attentive, self- motivated and creative. Refresh your NCCP principles to increase your coaching ability and enjoyment with playful activities drawn from the presenter's background as a , coach, aerial acrobat and educator. This workshop will energize coaches with new ideas about their craft.

What is an Amazing Coach? - Scott Whiteside

We have all had amazing teachers, coaches and role models in our lifetime. We have watched or listened to fantastic and motivating presenters and leaders who make us want to be just like them. We want to rely a message, teach a skill, present a topic or even just share with others just like those who motivated us in the past. What makes these people tick? Why are they such good presenters, coaches or role models? Unfortunately, we have all seen the flip side and have struggled through classes with less than motivational and boring teachers, presentations or coaches. What can you do to make sure you are not that person and be the amazing coach or presenter that everyone will remember? LET'S ALL BE AMAZING COACHES!

Focus on Fundamentals: Developing Physical Literacy through Play - Tracy Lockwood

Fun is an important ingredient needed to maximize participation and encourage physical activity. In fact, engaging in fun activities sparks interest and promotes lifelong participation, which contributes to the development of physical literacy. This presentation will provide a tone of activity ideas to teach fundamental movement and sports skills and will also serve as a guide for planning for a fun, challenging and active learning environment. The activities shared will be acquired from the new resource: Focus on FUNdamentals and participants will leave with sample cards to use right away.

The REC Retreat will be held at the Pine Valley Resort and Gym Centre.

Situated at the base of Pine valley Resort, the chalet features wooden ceilings, stone fireplace and floor to ceiling windows. Dorm style accommodations are situated down the road making for an uncomplicated weekend getaway.

The gymnastics centre is 12,500 sq. ft. facility that features quality competitive grade artistic and trampoline gymnastics equipment, as well as two foam pits. We bring the outdoors inside with over 20 skylights and multiple windows flooding the gym with light during the day and decreases the gym's carbon footprint. Please visit the website for more information.

Registration will be from June 19 - July 5, 2017

Your registration will include meals, accommodation and the workshops.

Registration Fee: $ 200.00 + GST

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