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Western Gymnaestrada
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The Alberta Gymnastics Federation is proud to present Western Gymnaestrada, a demonstration event for groups of gymnasts, acrobats, dancers or any combination. The theme of this year’s event is Storybook! Whether it’s a harrowing battle against dragons, a daring rescue or travelling to an alternate universe your imagination is your only limitation!

This is an opportunity to be creative and have fun, so be prepared to showcase your participant’s talents, dedication and love of the sports of gymnastics and dance! Costumes, extra equipment, fun, music, and most importantly smiles can all make up your routine. Routines must be group oriented, not individual routines, and should not be competitive in nature. Please note this is a family event and themes, music and costumes must be appropriate for all audiences.

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How the story unfolds ...

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Friday, May 5
7:00 p.m. — 8:00 p.m. Coaches Registration and Meeting


Saturday, May 6
9:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m. Workshops and Performance Rehearsals
5:30 p.m. — 8:30 p.m. After Dark Party


Sunday, May 7

Morning Performances

9:00 a.m.      Admission Doors Open

9:00 a.m.      Athletes to be costumed and at the back of the Triple Gym

9:15 a.m.      Warm up

9:30 a.m.      Opening Ceremonies
                        March In
                   “O Canada” – All athletes remain on floor for Canadian anthem

11:30 am     Closing Remarks


Rhythmics West
Calgary Gymnastics Centre
Edmonton Acro
Spruce Grove Jr
Gymtastics North Jr
Grande Prairie
Spruce Grove Sr.
University of Calgary
Gymtastics North Sr
















Afternoon Performances

12:00 p.m.    Admission Doors Open

12:00 p.m.    Athletes to be costumed and at the back of the Triple Gym

12:15 p.m.    Warm up

12:30 p.m.    Opening Ceremonies
                   March In
                   “O Canada” – All athletes remain on floor for Canadian anthem

2:30 p.m.      Closing Remarks


NorGlen Junior
Airdrie JumpGym Jr
Stampede City Junior
Capital City
Gymtastics South Troopers Junior
Calgary Acro
Gymtastics South Troopers Senior
NorGlen Senior
Airdrie JumpGym
Stampede City Senior

Registration will be closed on April 7. 

The tolls to be collected by the sheriff will be: 

  • $85/Athlete for Workshops & Performances
  • $30/Coach or Chaperone                       
  • $30/Individual for Groups ONLY Performing On Sunday 


  • Participant fee includes: rehearsal time-slot, workshops, t-shirt & performance time-slot 
  • Performance only fee includes: an option for a rehearsal time-slot and a performance time-slot


Before you begin your on-line registration, here is a checklist to help make the process smooth and quick!

  • Total number of athletes, coaches and volunteers
  • Ranking from 1-8 of workshop choices
  • Total number of t-shirts of each size—athletes, coaches, chaperones, volunteers (*Youth s, m, l, xl  adult s, m, l, xl, xxl)
  • Total number of after dark party tickets required—$25 each
  • Total number of lunches required for Saturday—$15 each
  • Total number of programs to pre-purchase—$8 each
  • Payment via VISA, MasterCard or American Express 

Once your online registration is complete, any changes must occur by contacting the AGF headquarters wild tamer Robin McDougall at specevents@abgym.ab.ca.  

To complete your registration, please forward the following items to Robin McDougall at specevents@abgym.ab.ca no later than April 15, 2016:

  • A list of all athletes, coaches and volunteers.  Please use the excel sheet attached within the online registration.  Note that if you are an AGF Club, you must complete the form in full to be eligible for funding.
  • MP3 file with your performance music labeled with your group name
  • Photo and bio of your team


Skills such as pyramids, basket tosses and tosses in general are considered Cheerleading skills (non-gymnastics) and would not be an insured activity under the Master Insurance policy. The AGF Commercial General Liability Master Policy will include as an insured activity those gymnastics elements associated with cheerleading that take place within a member club under the following conditions:

  • A Level 2 or Comp Intro gymnastics coach must be present in the gym (a cheerleading coach may observe).
  • Pyramids do not exceed 2 levels.
  • No inversions from off the ground (This means you cannot attempt inversions off any surface that is not the floor i.e. you cannot flip from someone’s shoulders or hands).
  • Skills that fit within the practices of the National Federation of State High School Associations will be covered.
  • Legal suspended rolls will be allowed. They are “forward suspended rolls off multi-base stunts, shoulder height or below, where the top person maintains continuous hand to hand/arm contact with the original two bases”.

Performance restrictions according to the National Federation of State High School Associations’ Sport Rules include:

  • Inverted dismounts (except legal suspended drills) are not permitted.
  • Inverted vaults are not permitted.

AGF will not cover the activities such as inversions or stunts higher than two people even though these activities are allowed for post secondary cheerleaders.

Urban Gymnastics and Circus Training

  • The AGF Commercial General Liability Master Policy will include as an insured activity those gymnastics elements associated with Urban Gymnastics and Circus Training that take place within a member club under the following conditions: A Level 2 or Comp Intro gymnastics coach must be present in the gym.
  • Skills taught are limited to:
    o The highest difficulty skills in the top level of these programs encompass basic tumbling skills, including cartwheels, aerial cartwheels, handstands, forward and backward tucked saltos, round-off backhand springs (NCCP Level 2 Technical or Comp Intro).


  • Additional skills such as straddle jumps and split leaps.
  • There must be great focus on safety in the Acrobatic elements, and all skills are to be performed on mats, never on bare floors.
  • All aerial skills are controlled, all landings are spotted.

The highest difficulty skills in the top level of these programs encompass basic tumbling skills, including cartwheels, aerial cartwheels, handstands, forward and backward tucked saltos, front hand springs, round-off backhand springs (NCCP Level 2 Technical or Comp Intro).

  • Coaches who are certified in either artistic gymnastics or trampoline/tumbling should be well-prepared to teach these skills, but will need to know the specific applications to Acrobatics.
  • Additional skills such as straddle jumps and split leaps.
  • Great focus on safety in Acrobatics, and skills are performed on mats, never on bare floors. All aerial skills are controlled, all landings are spotted.

Please refer to the 2016-17 AGF Insurance Handbook for a complete description. Please contact the AGF office should you possess any additional questions or concerns.

Workshops for the modern Story Teller!

All clubs will participate in 2-3 workshops. To best accommodate every group’s workshop selections, during registration please rank from most desired to least. Groups with more than 20 participants may need to be split into two.  If this is the case you will be contacted so that we can label your groups appropriately. Please note: to ensure participants get the full value of the workshops, parents will NOT be permitted to watch. 

Scott’s Tall Tale

Have an enchanting time with your team led by our coolest knight Sir Whiteside.  Scott always brings a fun and exciting adventure to our workshops.

Enhance your Story (Acro)

Are you familiar with the newest member to the AGF family?  Come learn new, challenging and exciting moves that you can take into your routines.  Acro is Internationally renowned and fast growing in our Province with a couple of programs sporting world champions!

Your Story to Music (Dance)

With so many ways to tell your story, learn how to express yourself through Dance.  In this workshop explore storytelling through dance and movement.  Have fun learning how to let the music positively impact your performance.

Old School Fun (Hula Hoop)

Explore the joy and benefits of hooping.  This workshop is designed to encourage and support a creative and healthy lifestyle for all while introducing you to the fun and uniqueness of what can be done with a Hula Hoop.

Move to the Beat (Bass Burn)

Dance like no one is watching, and get a super workout to the coolest funk, popular, and fusion beats mixed live by DJ VanillaDisco. BassBurn is a dance fitness class like no other where participants learn new moves, increase their coordination, their stamina, their mind-body awareness, their muscle control & their overall feeling of awesomeness. 

Rhythmic Introduction

What better way to enhance your performance than to incorporate Rhythmic gymnastics. Learn the fundamentals of working with rope, ball, hoop and ribbon with a couple of our more experienced coaches.  Understand the basics as an individual, working with a partner and as a group through games and expert tutelage. 

Bring out your inner Knight (Fencing)

Fencing is one of the original Olympic sports and one that individuals of all ages can practice. This workshop is an introduction to the sport, teaching footwork, technique and giving an opportunity to bout!

Picture tells your Story

Let your imagination run wild with a ridiculously fun workshop. Learn simple animation techniques, puppetry, and live action to be able to create and tell your own stories.

Your Castle Awaits!

Everyone needs a comfy place to rest their weary head for some well-deserved rest after courageous day of slaying dragons and saving the world in their own story. This year we have a couple of great options for you the Grey Eagle Resort and Casino and Delta Calgary South.

Grey Eagle Resort & Casino - $139/night plus taxes
5 minute drive to venue
3777 Grey Eagle Drive
Calgary AB T3E 3X8

The rate of $139/night plus applicable taxes is for up to 4 people per room. This special rate is only guaranteed until the block is sold out or April 7, 2016. When booking, please refer to the group “2017 Western Gymnaestrada”.

Your rate includes:

  • Hot deluxe breakfast buffet
  • WiFi access
  • Parking
  • Access to pool & fitness area

Located minutes from downtown, yet miles from your hectic day, sitting on the doorstep of the Rockies. All of guests are treated to a hot deluxe breakfast buffet daily included with their stay. Our beautiful, modern 4 Star Resort Hotel offers first class services and amenities, such as state of the art meeting and convention space that can accommodate events of all sizes from 2-2500 attendees. Parking is complimentary. Guests of the hotel will receive a “Super Wifi” signal that is second to none in terms of speed and reliability, also inclusive with your stay. We are mere minutes from Chinook Mall, Heritage Park and many more centrally located Calgary experiences. When you stay with us you will also be able to take advantage of our spacious and modern fitness room as well as our indoor pool and outdoor hot tub.


Delta Calgary South - $139/night plus taxes
15 minute drive to venue
135 Southland Dr SE
Calgary AB T2J 5X5

A very special rate of $139 plus taxes has been extended to your group, based on availability.

Your rate includes:

  • Signature breakfast buffet
  • WiFi access
  • Parking
  • Access to two pools & fitness area

To confirm your reservation kindly call Reservations at 403-278-5050 or email reservations@deltacalgarysouth.com by April 7, 2017. Please identify yourself as being with the Western Canadian Gymnaestrada group in order to qualify for the rate.

Cancellation policy for a guest room reservation is 24 hours prior to the day of arrival.

Located in the heart of the Macleod Trail Business and Entertainment district, we are within walking distance to great restaurants, shopping, and entertainment and parking is complimentary.

We are a very team-friendly hotel with two swimming pools, the largest waterslide in South Calgary called 'The Big Gusher', a well-equipped fitness facility, a complimentary business center, and three dining facilities on-site including a restaurant, pub, and lounge.

Our Delta guest rooms with two Delta Sanctuary queen beds include 37” flat screen TVs along with various other upgraded amenities and every room is conveniently equipped with a fridge and microwave, coffee maker, and iron & board. Wireless high speed Internet access is complimentary.

Mount Royal University

Recreation Building

4825 Mt. Royal Gate SW

Calgary  AB  T3E 6K6



1. HAVE FUN!!! This is the number one and best reason for participating at Gymnaestrada!

2. Performances can be 5, 10 or 15 minutes in length depending on the number of participants in the group:

  • Groups with 8 to 19 gymnasts are limited to a maximum 5-minutes
  • Groups with 20 to 35 gymnasts are limited to a maximum 10-minutes
  • Groups with 36 or more gymnasts are limited to a maximum 15-minutes

Performance duration includes entrances/exits and the placement/removal of all equipment. The times listed above are maximum times, routine development should place emphasis on the creativity and quality and not on the duration.

3. Groups should be a minimum of eight athletes but can be as large as what can be safely performed on the floor. Should you be looking for an exception or clarification, please contact Heather Sjostrom, rec@abgym.ab.ca.

4. Each athlete is only allowed to participate in one display. Should you be looking for an exception or clarification, please contact Heather Sjostrom, rec@abgym.ab.ca.

5. Each group will have an opportunity to choose their own music. Groups will be responsible for providing a copy of their music (MP3 or MP4 format) which must be clearly titled with your team name. A master playlist will be compiled for rehearsals and performance day. However, please have a back-up CD with you in case of technical difficulties. During registration you will be asked to indicate the song you will be using. You will be notified immediately if one or more clubs have chosen your song and you will have the opportunity to change it if you like; restrictions will not be made mandatory. Your final music file must be sent to Robin McDougall, specevents@abygm.ab.ca by April 14, 2017.

6. Your club is responsible for supplying any extra equipment needed. Please submit a list of the additional equipment you will be using to Robin McDougall, specevents@abym.ab.ca. Be sure to label your equipment with your full Gym name.

7. Your registration will need to include enough coaches/chaperones to comply with the AGF suggested coach to athlete ratios document that can be found on the AGF website www.abgym.ab.ca.

8. Insurance coverage; In accordance to Kingdom Guidelines (AGF guidelines) as it pertains to Cheerleading, Urban Gymnastics, Circus Training and Acro ensure your group’s performance is maintained within the parameters summarized in this document. If you are a registered AGF Club, all of your athletes are covered under the AGF Insurance policy and should have signed the AGF Notification of Risk when they registered with your Club. Please check with your Club to ensure you have those forms on file. If you are not an AGF Club but are registered with another PSO, please ensure you possess the proper coverage through your Provincial Body. Note that you will be asked to verify that you have both Insurance coverage and Notifications of Risk on file with your Club when registering for this event. If you have any questions regarding insurance, please contact your PSO or Robin McDougall, specevents@abgym.ab.ca for further information.

Get your 2017 Western Gymnaestrada tickets today and watch the story unfold!

Tickets are now on sale for Western Gymnaestrada.  Tickets online are $5.00 plus applicable taxes and service charges and will be $8.00 at the door.  Kids 4 and under are free.  Purchasing your tickets ahead of time also allows you to skip the line!

Simply visit …  http://bit.ly/2017WGTickets until 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, May 6.

Let your imagination carry you away too far off lands as you take in the storybook tales from our athletes. Recreational gymnasts of all ages and abilities will be having a fantastically wonderful time performing, meeting new friends and telling their stories.

What a great day of performances from all of our groups!  We had all performances professionally recorded and are now available for purchase.  What a great way to keep the memory of such a great event alive and vivid for years to come.  Copies of the DVD are available for $40.00 plus GST each.

If you are interested in purchasing a video, CLICK HERE to fill out the form.  Once it has been submitted, you will receive an invoice via PayPal.  VISA, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.

The video will be available in approximately two weeks.