Amilia and Alberta Gymnastics Federation are excited to partner together

Amilia and the Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) are committed to bringing as much value to your gym as possible. This means real-time data shared across the organization as well as up-to-date reporting. As an AGF member, you benefit from simplified data sharing and member reporting as well as the Amilia platform at a discounted rate.


How does Amilia work?

Amilia is entirely web-based, no software to install or maintain and you can stay connected wherever you are. There are no set-up fees or upgrade fees and software is updated daily.

What makes Amilia different?

In Amilia, users are able to experience the same “add-to-cart” process they’ve become accustomed to when shopping online. We call it the Amilia Store, and in it, you can sell anything from activities, camps, classes, memberships, tickets, t-shirts, and donations. It then becomes a cinch to generate more revenue by incorporating e-commerce.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves 

Amilia is the top software choice for gymnastics clubs in Canada. As of June 2018, over 135 gymnastics clubs are using Amilia and in 2017 gymnastics clients saw revenue growth of 27%. Amilia has also handled over 8,400 gymnastics sign-ups in a single day. To learn more about how Amilia is taking gymnastics clubs to the next level, read their full whitepaper

AGF Member Club Pricing

AGF member clubs are entitled to a discount on Amilia fees. Discounts are based on club size. 


AGF's Manager, Online Systems provides initial training and ongoing support for your club and users. This is in addition to a dedicated support system provided by Amilia that has product experts available by phone, email and chat Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST.

AGF Contact

Questions or requests for more information can be directed to:
Jacqueline Escobar
Manager, Online Systems
Alberta Gymnastics Federation
P: 403-640-2913