AGF Sanctioning of Online Training

April 22, 2020
In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many gymnastics clubs have found creative ways to continue engaging with their members and the Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) commends your efforts. The positive impact our community makes in the lives of our athletes would not be possible without your commitment and passion, and the AGF is proud to have you as a part of our membership.
Understanding the importance of staying physically and mentally active during this time, AGF would like to support clubs in engaging with their members through the sanctioning of online training.
Although online training is not normally sanctioned, AGF’s insurance provider has created an endorsement to extend AGF’s coverage limits and allow clubs to provide online training.
Online training can be defined as the online delivery of a coach’s instruction to a group of athletes for physical preparation purposes ONLY (flexibility, strength and conditioning), provided the following requirements are met.
Please note that coverage has only been extended for AGF’s General Liability policy and that any claims that would normally be covered by AGF’s Sports Accident Policy will not be covered for online training.

Online Training Requirements

  • It is the club’s responsibility to manage and track the scheduling, coaches, and athletes that choose to participate in online training.
  • All injuries are to be documented.
  • All instruction is to be carried out by a registered AGF coach that is at minimum, certified at the Gymnastics Foundations level. Additionally, coaches should not be coaching beyond their NCCP formalized training.
  • All athletes participating must be registered AGF members and the names of each athlete must be recorded by the coach.
  • Any non-AGF members are not permitted to participate.
  • All coaches and athletes must have completed AGF’s applicable waivers and PIPA forms. Any questions regarding these forms can be submitted to AGF’s Online Services Manager at
  • Before the start of each lesson, coaches must state the following disclaimer:
    “All actions and movements shown in this presentation follow a skills and progression based model of learning, subject to the Gymnastics Canada LTAD and sanctioned by the Alberta Gymnastics Federation. The material found within is general in basis and does not take into account individual needs or limitations. Anyone who applies this program on their own does so at their own risk.”
  • The coach must ensure that the workspace their athletes are working in is clear and the training content that is delivered is reasonable to each athlete’s ability level and physical space.
  • Publicly accessible broadcast tools such as Facebook Live, YouTube, etc. are not acceptable methods of delivering online training.
  • Permitted delivery tools must include the use of controlled, multi-screen video conferencing programs such as Skype or Zoom.
  • Participants are required to follow all Provincial Physical Distancing Guidelines. Online classes are limited to the number of athletes that can be viewed on a single screen and no more than four (4) participants may be in one physical location at a time. If the number of participants extends beyond a single screen, the class is required to have a second coach join the call to ensure that all participants can be simultaneously monitored by coaches.
  • In accordance with AGF’s Safe Sport Guidelines, coaches must refrain from one-on-one communication with a minor, except if another adult is on either end of the call to supervise. Any violation of any Safe Sport guidelines are to be immediately reported to the appropriate person at the responsible club.
  • The use of trampolines is strictly prohibited.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we adapt to our ever-changing environment.
Should you have any questions, please contact AGF’s Membership Engagement Manager at