AGF Welcomes Three New Members to the Board of Directors

The Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) is pleased to announce the appointments of Suzanne Davies, Bonnie de Groot and Heather Luttrell to the AGF Board of Directors. Suzanne and Bonnie have been appointed to serve as Directors-at-Large, and Heather was elected by the Women’s Program Assembly to serve as the Women’s Program Committee Chair and Women’s Technical Chairperson.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and the AGF community I would like to thank all individuals who stepped forward to volunteer on the board during what can be described as a tumultuous time in our sport,” says Brady Spencer, Board of Directors Chairperson. “We believe the skills, experience and dedication that Suzanne, Bonnie and Heather bring to these roles will serve the organization well in the form of policy development and organizational governance. Please join me in welcoming and wishing them success in their new roles.”

A Bit About Our Newest Board Members

Suzanne Davies, Director-at-Large
Suzanne is a former AGF gymnast, coach and judge. As a “generalist” lawyer who has been practicing law in Calgary since 2001, she is experienced in dealing with a wide range of legal issues including; day-to-day legal support, human resources, operational functions, large and complex transactions, financings and litigation. She also has 12 years experience of serving on a board of directors in a corporate context and is no stranger to dealing with workplace policies, including codes of conduct and investigative procedures.

Bonnie de Groot, Director-at-Large
Bonnie is an active member of the AGF community with a daughter in the sport. She has volunteered in many capacities and worked closely with AGF athletes, coaches, judges, volunteers, staff, club administrators, board and committee members. She has served as a Manager at national events, Meet Director and Registration Lead for the University of Calgary International Cup (UCIC), member of the Travel Documents Task Force, Judge for the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics program and more. In every role, she has demonstrated exceptional organizational skills and contributed a great deal of energy, enthusiasm and positivity to ensure the best possible experience for all involved.

Heather Luttrell, Women’s Technical Chairperson
Heather has been an integral part of the Alberta gymnastics community for many years. She is a former women’s artistic gymnast and national level T&T athlete, has coached athletes at Canadian and Western Canadian Championships, has served as Executive Director at Horizon Gymnastics Club for the past 20 years, and is currently a national level judge for women’s artistic gymnastics. Heather has also served on various AGF committees and subcommittees including; the Women’s Program Committee, Chair of the Alberta JO Clarification Working Group, and member of the Aspiration Sub Committee. In addition to her well-rounded gymnastics experience, Heather holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Agriculture (MAg).

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