Alberta Athletes Set to Compete at First Ever Canadian Championships in Acrobatic Gymnastics

42 Acrobatic gymnasts from four Alberta clubs will take part in the 2019 Canadian Championships in Acrobatic Gymnastics this June 21 – 23 at the Glen Abbey Community Centre in Oakville, Ontario. The event is a prestigious competitive opportunity at the national level for developing high-performance gymnasts and showcases top provincial talent in five categories; Women’s Pairs, Men’s Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Women’s Groups and Men’s Groups.  

“What makes this event so special is that it’s the first time a Canadian Championships is being held in Acrobatic gymnastics,” says Kevin Quon, Acrobatic, T&T and Men’s Artistic Program Coordinator with the Alberta Gymnastics Federation. “We have seen steady growth in Acrobatic gymnastics with athletes now representing Canada at international events. Providing an opportunity for athletes to compete at the national level is a natural next step in the evolution of a growing gymnastics program.”

The event will establish national rankings and declare Canadian Champions in Junior Olympic Levels 7-10, Youth, FIG 11-16 (AG1), FIG 12-18 (AG2), FIG 13-19 (Junior) and FIG Senior. It will also play a role in the selection process for the 2019 Pan American Championships and provides a showcase opportunity (non-ranked) for developing athletes in the Junior Olympic Level 6. Live streaming of the event will be made available via FloGymnastics

To learn more about Acrobatic gymnastics, which combines courage and stamina with flexibility and skill – all accompanied by music – visit the Alberta Gymnastics Federation website here

Congratulations and best of luck to all the athletes and coaches participating in this exciting new event!

Athletes and Coaches to Represent Alberta

Calgary Acro

  • Laura Dyck, Lily Ronneberg (Youth, Women’s Pairs)
  • Ryann Martin, Fiona Jones (AG1, Women’s Pairs)
  • Emma Carlton, Camille Calvo, Lauren Bligh (AG3, Women’s Groups)

Coach: Jane Kirwan

Capital City Gymnastics Centre

  • Kaeli Edgerly, Caleigh Trimming (JO 8, Women’s Pairs)
  • Paige Williams, Madelaine Britt (JO 8, Women’s Pairs)
  • Kennedy Burgess, Chloe Trimming (JO 8, Women’s Pairs)
  • Brooke-Lynn Gettman-Campbell, Mya Stirling (Youth, Women’s Pairs)
  • Tala Khalil, Emma Lilko, Regan Forster (Youth, Women’s Groups)
  • Blakely Basisty, Sophia Russell, Kenna Erickson (Youth, Women’s Groups)
  • Tatum Stock, Keira Weber, Janiya Ericson (AG1, Women’s Groups)
  • Mckenna Basisty, Gabriela Morgensztern, Zoe Williams (AG2, Women’s Groups)

Coaches: Lewis Anderson, Esra Erkut and Anna Godek

Salto Gymnastics

  • Jaya Forbes, Gillian De Vries (JO 7, Women’s Pairs)
  • Chloe Cowell, Sophia Spisak (Youth, Women’s Pairs)
  • Trista Cooper, Keanna Denis (Youth, Women’s Pairs)
  • Kendall Clyne, Jolene Mills (AG1, Women’s Pairs)
  • Karlie Schmidt, Tori Giles (AG1, Women’s Pairs)

Coach: Chelsea Fenn

Edmonton Acro

  • Rory Thompson, Grace Karleen (JO 7, Women’s Pairs)
  • Shelby Wispinski, Aliza Jumakhan, Lilyanna Marks (Youth, Women’s Groups)

Coaches: Jayson Johnson and Michelle Johnson