Alberta Results: Trampoline World Championships and World Age Group Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia

Six Alberta athletes travelled to St. Petersburg, Russia to represent Canada at the 33rd FIG Trampoline World Championship from November 4th to 11th.  Two athletes – Kalena Soehn and Alexandra Forest – were then joined by 11 more Alberta athletes for the FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Age Group Competition (WAGC) from November 15th to 18th, also in St. Petersburg.

At the World Championships Kalena Soehn of Red Deer just missed the podium in the women’s double mini-trampoline (DMT) finals, finishing fourth with 67.200 points.

“The competition went really well. It could have gone better – I finished fourth, so I wish I had done just a little bit better, but this is nothing to sneeze at. I was really hoping I could perform my routines as well as I did in prelims and I did so I’m really happy,” said Soehn who competed at the World Age Group Competition the following week in both Trampoline and Synchronized Trampoline.  

Tyler Champagne of Winnipeg, Manitoba who is currently training at the Calgary Gymnastics Centre was the only Alberta athlete to compete in finals at WAGC and finished 6th in DMT (17 – 21 years).

“There were quite a few personal best performances and positive results for a team that was relatively young and new to representing Team Canada on this stage,” said Eran Silberg from the Calgary Gymnastics Centre who was among the four coaches in attendance from Alberta. “The gym in Russia was a great set-up with a great atmosphere.”

Despite some cold weather, the athletes also got a chance to step outside the competition and take in some of St. Petersburg’s sights. They made stops at the Winter Palace and Hermitage Museum, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the Bronze Horseman, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the WWII Memorial.

Congratulations to all for making it to the world stage! Here are the results for the Alberta members of Team Canada:

World Championships (Nov. 4 – 11)

  • Alexandra Forest, Phoenix Gymnastics Centre
13th DMT
  • Kalena Soehn, Thunder Country Trampoline & Gymnastics
4th DMT
  • Ryan Sheehan, Phoenix Gymnastics Centre 
25th DMT
  • Keegan Soehn, Thunder Country Trampoline & Gymnastics
38th Trampoline
25th Synchro Trampoline
  • Callum Sundquist, Ortona Gymnastics Club
19th Tumbling
19th DMT
  • Mark Armstrong, Calgary Gymnastics Centre
Travelled as DMT Alternate

World Age Group Championships (Nov. 15 – 18)

  • Kailyn Arndt, Ortona Gymnastics Club  
29th Trampoline (Girls 17-21)
  • Alexandra Boucher, Calgary Gymnastics Centre
25th Trampoline (Girls 15-16)
13th Synchro Trampoline (Girls 15-16)
  • Alexandra Forest, Phoenix Gymnastics Centre
17th Tumbling (Girls 17-21)
  • Kendra Korbut, Phoneix Gymnastics Centre
23rd Tumbling (Girls 17-21)
  • Abby McCaig, Calgary Gymnastics Centre
16th DMT (Girls 17-21)
20th Synchro Trampoline (Girls 17-21)
  • Emma Payne, Phoenix Gymnastics Centre 
14th Tumbling (Girls 17-21)
  • Zoe Phaneuf, Calgary Gymnastics Centre
15th DMT (Girls 15-16)
20th Synchro Trampoline (Girls 17-21)
  • Kalena Soehn, Thunder Country Trampoline & Gymnastics
47th Trampoline (Girls 17-21)
17th Synchro Trampoline (17-21)
  • Antonio Fernandes, Calgary Gymnastics Centre
12th DMT (Boys 17-21)
22nd Tumbling (Boys 17-21)
  • Roman Carlson, Calgary Gymnastics Centre
26th Trampoline (Boys 15-16)
12th Synchro Trampoline (Boys 15-16)
  • Tyler Champagne, Calgary Gymnastics Centre
6th DMT (Boys 17-21)
  • Mitchel Pedersen, Calgary Gymnastics Centre
21st Tumbling (Boys 15-16)
  • Adam Stannard, Phoenix Gymnastics Centre
25th Tumbling (Boys 15-16)

Coaches that attended from Alberta:

  • Ken Soehn (Worlds)
  • Trish Quinney (Worlds & WAGC)
  • Eran Silberg (WAGC)
  • Stephen Hauck (WAGC)

Judges that attended from Alberta:

  • Mary Pupo (Worlds)
  • Jane Parks (WAGC)