GCG launches new online MAG entry level judging course

Gymnastic Canada has recently launched a new online judging course for MAG entry level judges.  The course was created by Mike Hood, Thorstein Fischer, and Chris Sheremeta from BC.  Judges who take this course and follow these guidelines should be extremely prepared to judge Provincial/Elite 1 and 2.

Some details regarding the course:

  • The cost of the course is $35 plus HST
  • The course is entirely online and takes approximately 8 hours total. It can be done over the course of a weekend
  • There is additional supplementary material included
  • There is an exam at the end of the course that must be passed, but can be taken an unlimited number of times. GCG will notify the PTO’s when potential judges have passed the exam and are ready for shadow judging
  • Once the course is completed it is expected that the potential judge will be required to pass a shadow judging assessment where they will be assessed by a higher-level judge. This will be in the hands of the PTO’s to work with their judges to oversee and make sure this step is completed.
  • The link to the course is: https://gymcan.didacte.com/en/cards/course/939
    • To take the course you must complete the registration.