Memo: Aerial Silks and Insurance

Attention All AGF Members: 

The Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) would like to share insight regarding the utilization of Aerial Silks in your facility. Aerial Silks can be defined as an exercise or performance where an artist uses fabric to wrap, spiral, swing, fall, or suspend their bodies in and out of a variety of positions. Utilizing Aerial Silks can strengthen muscles, extend one’s flexibility with zero-impact and challenge an individual’s mental and physical ability.

AGF would like to ensure that Aerial Silks are implemented into your program in the smoothest fashion and would like to provide additional information on insurance coverage, coaching and equipment setup.

Aerial Silks are not recognized as a “Gymnastics Activity” as the skills and equipment do not cross-over to any gymnastics disciplines, meaning that Aerial Silks are not covered under the AGF General Liability Insurance Policy. This can be alleviated by contacting Toole Peet at and seeking additional coverage for Aerial Silks.

At this time there are no formal coaching programs available through the NCCP regarding Aerial Silks, so ensuring that your program completes its due diligence in ensuring that skills are taught properly and safely (through third-party instruction or otherwise) must be paramount.

Finally, it is paramount that Aerial Silks are set up to be safe and secure so there is minimal risk of equipment malfunction. Consulting with a rigging professional to design and install your Aerial Silks can help ensure that the proper structures and safety checks are implemented and maintained. This will also ensure that the building can support the loads and forces derived from the apparatus.

The Alberta Gymnastics Federation whole-heartedly supports the development of new programs and will continue to advocate on behalf of our members pioneering creative and exciting ideas.

If you have any questions regarding Aerial Silks, please contact Bobby Kriangkum at