NCCP Information for Coaches

April 9, 2020

Due to the current circumstances, AGF has cancelled all in-person NCCP courses until the end of May. However, as an alternative…
NCCP is Going Online!
GymCan and the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) are furiously working to have GF Theory and C1 Theory approved for webinar delivery; these courses are slated to be ready by mid-April.  However, GymCan will need to train our facilitators before delivery can occur.  AGF hopes to have these theory courses available for our coaches by the end of April or early May.  Please note that this is a tentative timeframe and may change based on a variety of factors.  Once courses are added and available, AGF will post them on the AGF Amilia registration site. They will also appear on the AGF calendar of events and a course notification will be emailed to the membership. AGF is researching the costs associated with these courses and will determine pricing once we have more information from GymCan.
Please note: AGF also requested that more NCCP Gymnastics modules be placed in webinar format and that AB would be willing to help GymCan with this. However, this process may take a while as all changes need to be approved through GymCan and the CAC.  If more modules are approved to be added to a webinar platform AGF will notify the membership.
Other E-Learning and Professional Development Opportunities:
During this time, it is a great opportunity to seek other professional development learning opportunities.
The CAC Safe Sport Module was made available on April 6, 2020.  The module is free of charge, takes about 90 minutes to complete, and you will receive 2 Professional Development points.  You can start and stop the training at your convenience.  The module was started on Monday, April 6 and is highly recommended.  You can access this module at
Sport for Life is also providing e-Learning discounts for two modules: “Introduction to Long-Term Development in Sport & Physical Activity” & “Introduction to Physical Literacy”.  Sport for Life is offering both courses for $9.98, discounted from $24.95. Coaches who complete these courses will receive a certificate of completion and CAC Professional Development points.
Online Evaluation Opportunities
This is a great time to get started on building and submitting coaching portfolios for coach certification! Coaches can start the evaluation process by preparing and submitting their coaching portfolio(s) online at  The portfolio will be reviewed by a Coach Evaluator and once the portfolio successfully "meets expectation" the coach will be notified.  Then, once it is advised and safe for coaches and athletes to return to the gym, the applicant can simply record and submit a video of their lesson observation or request an onsite observation.  Half of the evaluation process can be completed during shutdown and the other half can be completed immediately after, or at the coach's pace. For more information, please visit the AGF website, or contact the AGF Education Manager at
Question: Can adults be used to complete the Lesson Observation component?
GymCan has indicated no.  Coaches are evaluated on their ability to teach a safe, age-appropriate lesson. It is important for the coach evaluator to observe the coach working with the actual participants in order to evaluate many of the outcomes and may be difficult to recreate actual scenarios when ‘staging’ a lesson using other coaches as participants. 
Transfer of Qualifications:
The Transfer of Qualifications deadline has been postponed until further notice.  GymCan will provide a new deadline once it has been determined.  GymCan suggested that coaches (L3 trained in particular) should complete any multi-sport modules they need through organizations like our PTCR called the Provincial Sport, Physical Activity and Recreational Events Connection (SPAR).  However, the other Provincial calendars do not yet list any of these courses. We believe more courses will be added in the coming weeks.
Any questions related to the NCCP information provided above can be direct to:
Gina Peake
AGF Manager, Education
403.604.7826 (cell)