WAG Program Updates

WAG Program Updates

There have been some updates to the WAG regulations.


Please contact Carolyn Foster, our Manager of Women's Programs, if you need more info!



Shorts are now allowed as part of the competition uniform.

Alberta will follow the Gymnastics Canada requirements: they must be skin-tight and the same colour as the leotard (or black).  No obvious logos should be visible. More details can be found in section 2 of the GymCan WAG technical regulations.

AGF will be providing shorts for Team Alberta events which will be available to purchase as part of the Team uniform.


Bar Height:

FIG has changed the bar height requirements: both the low and high bar have been raised by 5cm (175cm and 255cm respectively).

The Canadian Competitive Program will follow these same specifications and AGF sanctioned events will also adhere to these new guidelines.