Men’s Artistic

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics


Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) is an extremely demanding discipline based upon an athlete’s precision and agility. Men and women are judged within their own respective category and use a range of apparatuses to perform their stunning routines.

  • Judging criteria varies and is based upon: execution, creativity and difficulty of routine, and the way they utilize their apparatus.
  • Deductions are made for improper footing and landing, lengthy pauses, falls, poor technique.

For more detailed information about this discipline, check out the technical documents or download the technical handbooks below.

Men’s Artistic

  • Floor Exercise: Gymnasts perform tumbling and acrobatic series and demonstration of strength and balance across the entire floor area.
  • Pommel Horse: Gymnasts maneuver around a vault-like narrow box with handles using coordination, strength, and balance.
  • Still Rings: An athlete performs swings and demonstrates strength elements while keeping the rings as still as possible.
  • Vault: Launching off a springboard, pushing off a vault and landing a flip, twist, or somersault with tight body position.
  • Parallel Bars: A series of swings above and below two level bars finishing with a smooth release and dismount.
  • Horizontal Bar: On a single bar, gymnasts demonstrate swing and release skills whilst changing direction; finishing with an impressive dismount.

Men's Artistic Gymnastics Program Documents

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Gymnastics Canada Technical Information and Documents for MAG

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Provincial Pathways 3-5 & Open - March 2023

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Communications Archive