Kids Can Move

Kids Can Move Program Overview

What is Kids Can Move?

Alberta Gymnastics Kids Can Move Program promote Physical Literacy in children from Kindergarten to Grade 7. Our goal is to develop the movement skills and motor abilities in all AB school children, enabling them to confidently and competently participate in any physical activity. Kids Can Move puts gymnastics into easy to understand terminology enabling teachers, even those with minimal gymnastics experience, to safely teach the “activities of gymnastics.” These prepare kids for all sports, whether it is a game of dodge ball. A hockey game or simply playing on the playground.

Why Gymnastics? Because it is FUN!

Kids learn to hop, skip, jump, land, balance and rotate safely. Kids Can Move activities help develop and improve strength, balance, agility, flexibility and overall body awareness. Because gymnastics focuses on “movement competency,” Canadian Sport For Life recognizes it as one of the three fundamental sports for achieving physical literacy. Kids Can Move provides teachers with resources of ideas for physical education classes and daily physical activity. The activities meet the Ministry of Education curriculum goals and learning outcomes.

But We have No Equipment!

The Kids Can Move program uses basic equipment that most schools already have. All that is needed is the school gymnasium, mats and, if available, a few benches. Many of the activities can also be taken outside.

Where do we begin??

Kids Can Move features a number of packages to choose from, depending on the individual school’s needs. The program is designed to be flexible and school sustainable. Students will gain full benefits of the program for the entire school year.

Including Kids Can Move in Your School Makes Sense

“Research continues to validate the direct result that gymnastics-type instruction has in developing neurological pathways in students.” (USGF Technique, 2000). “Children who are involved in sport and who are more physically active do better academically and lead a healthier lifestyle.” (ACSM, 2006). Kids Can Move is one of the best tools a school can employ to better physically educate their students. Have a trained Kids Can Move instructor (based through AB) visit your school today!

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Kids Can Move Program Options 

Option 1: Professional development day or in school teacher in-service (2 hours from $160)

  • Our trained instructor will work with your teachers, setting out the aims and objectives of Kids Can Move and demonstrate how the activities fit into the PE curriculum learning outcomes. Teachers will learn how to deliver the fun and user-friendly Kids Can Move lessons with the school setting.
  • The in-service is active! Teachers have the opportunity to try the activities to increase their understanding of the movement patterns and the learning process that the students will experience. l When possible, the teacher inservice should be scheduled before the gymnastics portion of the curriculum so that questions and concern can be addressed.

Option 2: PE class instruction (5 hours $260, with option of additional hours available)

  • PE class workshops provide teachers with the opportunity to see the Kids Can Move program in action with their students, with membership from one of our Kids Can Move instructors.
  • Recommended time frame: 
    • Primary classes are 30-35 minutes 
    • Intermediate classes are 40-45 minutes 
    • A maximum of 7 divisions can be in-serviced per day. 
    • Teachers are required to remain in the gym at all times during the Kids Can Move instruction.

Option 3: Kids Can Move Resources Package ($65.00)

  • Includes the Teacher Manual (with 20 lesson plans and fun games section,) plus Laminated Task Cards

Option 4: All- Inclusive ($400.00)

  • BEST VALUE!!! Option 1, 2 and 3 provide great value and opportunities to AB teachers and students.

Have more questions? Contact Heather Sjostrom at the AGF office 403-259-5549.

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