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T&T Coach

22 December 2023

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West Wind Gymnastics Club is looking to hire a few T&T Coaches to work alongside our amazing team next season. Our wonderful coaches will be graduating from their studies and so we will be looking for a head coach and assistant coaches. Wage is depending on the candidate’s experience and certification. The position could be part time or full time.

Since we already have certified competitive coaches, our search for the ideal candidate is very broad. We could hire someone with lower certification who has excellent leadership and organizational skills to fill the admin and head coach decision making portion OR we could have a fully certified rockstar who coaches our elite athletes and does the Head Coaching Admin Role as well. It is really about finding the right *person* not coach, to fit in our club. Must be Trampoline Foundations Certified.

Please email me your certification level as well as a brief explanation of why you are interested and qualified for this position.

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West Wind Gymnastics

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[email protected]

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