WAG Program Head Coach & Coordinator

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WAG Program Head Coach & Coordinator

3 July 2024

Job Details

Job Title: WAG Program Head Coach & Coordinator
Reports to: Program Manager, Executive Director
Department: Advanced Program
Language of Work: English
Full-time: 40 hours per week
Compensation: $32-$42 per hour, Benefits Package, RSP Matching


Vision Statement: To be the center in Delta for achieving personal excellence in sport and self-development through gymnastics.

Mission Statement: We provide high-quality gymnastics programs to optimize each participant’s mental and physical development, and self-confidence.


General Coaching
• Play a large part in the coaching of the WAG program by adding to an environment of respect, safety and supportive learning, becoming familiar with the needs of individual athletes and managing class behaviour accordingly, understanding the rotation system and functions of all equipment, creating lesson plans that are adaptable for different learning styles and injured or differently-abled athletes, exemplifying healthy goal setting and learning techniques, and conducting athlete assessments.
• Create and monitor a yearly plan for each athlete’s competitive level for the upcoming gymnastics season, referring to the development and training of all performance factors – technical, tactical, mental and physical – keeping records for each athlete where appropriate.
• Communicate effectively and professionally with parents by planning parent meetings, giving sufficient notice for any changes to the plan, maintaining the competitive bulletin board, and considerately informing them about progress and any problems concerning their athlete(s).
WAG Program Management
• Oversee the general operations of the WAG Program including but not limited to scheduling, monitoring waitlists and class composition, lesson and goal planning, and collaborating with other Program Coordinators to deliver a successful program.
• Design a skill acquisition plan for the competitive program by determining which progressive skills are needed to attain the goals and objectives desired.
• Participate in the planning and organizing of the competitive program events; includes scheduling of meets, organizing travel details, communicating important details with parents, recording and reporting of competition results, and supporting gymnasts at competitions.
• Understand, follow and ensure other staff understand and follow our policies and procedures, including safety, injury and emergency procedures, and where the applicable equipment is located.
• Oversee coaching operations including but not limited to orienting and scheduling NCCP level-appropriate coaches for programs, coordinating substitutions, conducting coach performance reviews and professional development planning, assisting coaches in evaluating athletes, facilitating discipline processes, and collaborating with other coordinators to ensure program success.
• Supervise gym floor during peak times as needed; step in if risky or negative situations are observed and assist coach in developing a better method using a collaborative and developmental strategy rather than a shaming and cessation one.
• Work with the Marketing Coordinator to ensure any news, dates, results, or other important information is included on the DGS website, and/or in the DGS newsletter.
• Determine and propose new professional development opportunities for the position and/or the WAG Program as a whole to the Executive Director and Leadership Team with appropriate details including applicable costs, and the benefits and risks to DGS and the athletes.
• Create annual (and other) budgets for programs, track progress of budget(s), and report major discrepancies to the Executive Director.

Be a Delta Gymnastics Society Ambassador
● Interact with all internal and external stakeholders with a professional and authentic demeanour.
● Know and understand our basic history.
● Know, understand and live out our values in a committed and consistent fashion.
● Know and understand our mission and vision statements and consciously apply them in daily decisions.

Other Duties
● Attend all staff meetings as required.
● Assist other staff with duties, especially during busy periods.
● Assist with various DGS events, functions, activities and promotions.
● Contribute to the cleaning and maintenance of the facility and equipment.


Required Qualifications
● National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP) Comp 3 Certified (dependent on Program type) or higher
● 2 years of experience in a similar position
● Current CPR & First Aid, Respect In Sport, and SafeSport certifications (or willingness to obtain)
● Clear Police Criminal Record Check (Vulnerable Sector check included) required upon selection
● Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Publisher
● References required

Skill Requirements
● Demonstrated leadership ability
● Strong verbal and written communication skills
● Superior relationship building skill
● Multi-tasking skills
● Superior organizational and scheduling skills
● Conflict management skills
● Must be able to focus on a digital display for long periods of time
● Passion for well-being and development of children
● Innovative

Preferred Assets
● Experience in a diversity of gymnastics programs
● Experience budgeting
● Judging experience
● Provincial and National competition experience
● Strength and conditioning experience

Contact name

Richard Wischnewski

Club name

Delta Gymnastics Society

Contact email

[email protected]

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