Requirement For Events

14 February 2023

Alberta Gymnastics would like to remind all coaches who may be in contention to act as an Alberta Team Coach this competition season, that a copy of your current Police Record Checks (PRCs) and Intervention Record Checks (IRCs) must be submitted to the AGF office by March 1st. This would include the potential to be a team coach at all Western and Canadian Championships.

Coaches who do not submit an up-to-date PRC and IRC within the requisite time frame may be ineligible for selection, and face withholding of Enhancement Funds and/or any AGF expense reimbursement as it pertains to these events.

In addition, if you are a judge you are also required to have a completed back check every 3 years in Alberta and every year for Gymnastics Canada.

For links to the various checks or for more information please refer to the AGF website and Requirements for Team Alberta Events.

Should you have any questions, or to check on your current status please contact Adia London at [email protected].

Coaches, also ensure that you have the correct level of NCCP certification to be on the floor at the various events. Refer to your discipline’s handbook located on our website for your minimum requirements. To confirm your certification level, please consult your account on the Locker. If you feel there is a mistake, contact Jacqueline Escobar at [email protected] for further assistance.

Thank you in advance for your compliance,
Your AGF Team