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Alberta Gymnastics Federation is the governing body for gymnastics in Alberta. We provide a range of information & resources to recreational gymnasts, athletes, coaches, and judges. We are a not-for-profit organization.

We support you

The Federation’s primary role is to provide administrative support in the development and delivery of programs and competitions in Artistic, Trampoline & Tumbling, Recreational Gymnastics and Acrobatic Gymnastics, as well as in National Coaching Certification programs and events.

The Federation has two areas of responsibility

  • Coordinating provincial gymnastics activities
  • Providing membership and support services to Alberta club members

We keep you updated and provide you with the tools you need to be successful.

Our purpose

The Alberta Gymnastics Federation values the growth and development of gymnastics and the opportunity to encourage and support the clubs, gymnasts, coaches, and judges who bring gymnastics to life. We work hard to strengthen the relationship between the National Gymnastics Organization and our provincial and local associations to ensure consistency and cohesiveness in gymnastics. We also strive to inspire gymnasts, coaches, and judges to meet their own potential through athlete and leadership development courses.

As a not for profit agency, the Alberta Gymnastics Federation believes in supporting the passion of these athletes to promote and strengthen gymnastics as both a recreational activity and a competitive sport in Alberta.

Our Team

Meet the people who make the difference.




  • Acrobatic Program Assembly

    Jayson Johnson - Chairperson
    Kelsey Garez - Judging Chairperson
    Robert Knight - Coaching Representative

  • Gymnastics for All

    Kelly Wills – Chairperson

    Kayla Bonnell – Coordinator

    Brandi Howe – Coordinator

    Brenda Krossa – Coordinator

    Jenna Lippens – Coordinator

  • Men’s Technical Assembly

    Travis Oxley – Chairperson

    Mark Heiderich – Judging Chairperson

    Scott Rayment – Provincial Stream Representative

  • Trampoline & Tumbling Technical Committee

    Eran Silberg – Chairperson

    Trish Quinney – Coaching Chairperson

    Jessica Walper – Judging Chairperson

    Jean Brooks – Member-at-Large

    Amanda Patterson – Member-at-Large

  • Women's Program Committee

    Brady Spencer – Chairperson

    Sarah Hornig – WJC Chairperson

    Amy Miller – Developmental Rep

    Nancy Luttrell – Provincials Rep

    Kelly Kelso - Westerns Rep

    Katie Castle – Canadians Rep

    David Holmes – High Performance Rep

  • Women's Program Judging Commitee

    Sarah Hornig – Chairperson

    Deanna Critchley – Provincial Representative

    Courtney Ewaschuk – Provincials Representative

    MaRae Juska – National Representative

    Katy Younger – National Representative

    Candice Shannon – Brevet Representative

AGF Privacy Statement

The Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) maintains this website to assist the membership in locating information about the Federation, its programs, and its services.  AGF, which publishes and maintains this website, is committed to ensuring your privacy while you visit the site.  For additional information pertaining to AGF’s policies and procedures about Privacy, please refer to the following sections located in the AGF Policy and Procedures; 6.0 Privacy/Confidentiality, 7.0 Safeguarding Personal Information and 13.0 Social Media.