Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my NCCP number. How can I find it?
Please contact the Coaching Association of Canada at

I need to change my name or address. How do I notify the Coaching Association of Canada?
To change details on your NCCP profile, please visit and login to your account using your NCCP# and password.

How do I complete the Making Ethical Decisions online module?
Following the Gymnastics Foundations Theory course, coaches must complete the Making Ethical Decisions (MED) online evaluation. The online evaluation is free and coaches are offered two attempts to achieve a grade of 75% or higher on the evaluation.

I am registered in a course. Can I cancel my registration?
Yes. Notification of withdrawal from a course must be received by AGF no later than 5 business days prior to the course. A $25.00 service fee will be applied to all refunds, withdrawals and transfers with the exception of those due to program cancellation or medical/illness. Failure to send notification will result in forfeit of the course registration fee. No shows are still subject to payment of full registration fee.

How do I check my coaching records or transcripts?
Visit the Coaching Association of Canada to view your coaching transcripts. You will be required to provide your National Coaching Certification Program number (NCCP#) and your last name to access your records.

How am I assigned a National Coaching Certification Program number (NCCP#)?
Register for an NCCP Locker account at and an NCCP# will be emailed to you. Coaches with a Locker account can view/update personal information, track your coaching records and enroll in e-Learning. Please check your junk email folder if you do not receive your NCCP# promptly.

How long does it take to get my National Coaching Certification Program number (NCCP#)?
Shortly after you create your Locker account an NCCP# will be emailed to you. Please check your junk email folder if you do not receive your NCCP# promptly.

Do I need to take NCCP training to coach gymnastics?
Yes, all coaches need to take NCCP training courses and be mentored by a supervisory coach. We want to ensure our participants and coaches enjoy a safe positive experience – training is mandatory.

How do I become a gymnastics coach?
Complete the following: Gymnastics Foundations Theory + Gymnastics Foundations Introduction + Gymnastics Artistic Gymnastics. Then you may add other Sport Specific training (Trampoline Gymnastics, Active Start, Rhythmic Gymnastics etc.).

The course registration deadline has past. Can I still register for a course?
Unfortunately, no. AGF makes every effort to post the courses well in advance, allowing at least two weeks for coaches to register for most courses. If you miss a course, keep checking the Online Registration Site, as new courses are posted regularly.

Please note: Only registered participants will be permitted to attend courses. Participants are registered once payment AND registration form has been received at AGF by the stated deadline. Learning Facilitators are not permitted to accept registrations or payment on the day of the course.

What age can I start my coach education training?
You may enroll in the Gymnastics Foundations courses at age 15, however, you cannot certify until you are 16 years old.

I want to be a Mentor Coach and train new coaches. Do I need to be certified?
Yes, all Mentor Coaches must be certified and at least 18 years of age.

What is the average hourly wage for coaches?
Each gym club is unique & may offer a variety of benefits and salary ranges. However, every gym club is legally required to pay minimum wage, which is determined by the Government of Alberta.

What is a “Coach-in-Training”?
This means that you have only completed the Gymnastics Foundations Introduction and Theory courses. Coaches-in-Training are required to be under the direct supervision of a certified coach.

What is a “Trained” coach?
A Trained coach is one that has completed Gymnastics Introduction, Theory, and Sport Specific courses (e.g. Artistic Gymnastics or Trampoline Gymnastics or Active Start etc). Trained coaches may coach under the indirect supervision of a certified coach.

I’m “In Training.” I’ve completed the Gymnastics Foundations Intro, can I coach my own group?
No. You are still a Coach-in-Training so you need to work under the direct supervision of a mentor coach (certified coach). Complete the Gymnastics Theory and the Sport Specific course and you can coach your own group (under the indirect supervision of a certified coach)!

I’m a Trained coach. I’ve completed Gymnastics Foundations Introduction, Theory, and Sport Specific (Artistic, T& T etc.). Can I coach my own group?
Absolutely. Just make sure you are being indirectly supervised by a certified coach, and coaching within the specialties that you are trained.

What is ‘direct supervision’?
Direct supervision occurs when a certified coach can supervise a maximum of two (2) coaches “in training”, who are coaching two separate groups. The supervisor coach is directly involved, monitoring the groups very closely, and is immediately available to help guide the coaches and participants. Those who directly supervise others should be at least 18 years of age.

What is ‘indirect supervision’?
Indirect supervision occurs when a certified coach supervises a maximum of 10 trained coaches who are monitoring groups of ten athletes at one time. Coaches can also monitor their own group at the same time.

I’m “Trained.” Can I supervise and mentor others?
No. Only certified coaches can supervise and mentor other coaches. Individuals responsible for supervising & mentoring others must be at least 18 years of age.

I’m Trained in the Artistic Gymnastics specialty. What is the highest level in CANGYM program that I can coach?
You may coach CANGYM level burgundy through purple badges as a Trained coach under the indirect supervision of a Gymnastics Foundations certified coach.

What training do I need to coach the CANJUMP program?
All coaches wishing to use the trampoline or CANJUMP program must be trained in the Gymnastics Foundations Trampoline Gymnastics (or Level 1 Trampoline) specialty.

I want to coach preschoolers. What training do I need to take?
You will be required to complete the following 3 training courses:

  1. Gymnastics Foundations Theory
  2. Gymnastics Foundations Introduction
  3. Gymnastics Foundations Active Start

Notes: As of Jan 1, 2017, each club will need to have at least one certified Active Start coach on the floor during Preschool classes.

I want to supervise/mentor others. What training do I need to take?
You will need to be certified in the specialty that you wish to supervise (eg. a certified Trampoline Gymnastics coach can supervise and mentor Trampoline coaches). In order to become certified, you will need to be evaluated. For more information and to apply online please visit: NCCP Evaluation for Certification

I want to become certified in the Gymnastics Foundations Program. What do I need to do?
Check out the step by step process here: NCCP Evaluation for Certification

I am a trained Artistic Gymnastics coach, but now I am interested in coaching Trampoline as well. What course(s) do I need to take?
All you need to take is Gymnastics Foundations Trampoline Gymnastics course (1 day), and you will be considered “trained” in the Trampoline Gymnastics specialty.

What happens if I am unsuccessful during the evaluation process?
If the Learning Evaluator deems your portfolio and video “Below Expectations”, you may choose to review their comments and make the changes. Upon completion, resubmit your video and portfolio to AGF and we will have a Learning Evaluator review your documents once again. Coaches are required to pay $50 for resubmissions. AGF and the evaluator try to make this process as supportive as possible. We want our coaches to be successful!

Do I need to have a First Aid/CPR certification to be a coach?
It is strongly recommended by AGF that all coaches possess current First Aid/CPR certification. Please check with your club’s policies as well.

I have been trained in Artistic Gymnastics. Can I take my athletes on the trampoline? Even if it is just for a warm up?
No. You can only coach your participants on equipment that you have been trained to use. If you wish to use trampoline equipment you must take the Gymnastics Foundations Trampoline course. If you are not trained properly on a piece of equipment you and your club will be liable for any accident that might occur. Even if you are using the trampoline “just a little” you still need to be Trampoline trained.

Do I need to be Gymnastics Foundations certified to move on to Level 2 Gymnastics or Trampoline training?
No. You only need to be a trained coach. For example, a coach with Gymnastics Foundations Intro, Theory, and Trampoline Gymnastics can enroll in Level 2 Trampoline Gymnastics. However, if you wish to supervise or mentor others in the Gymnastics Foundations Level you will require certification.

What are the benefits of being Gymnastics Foundations certified?
Many coaches that choose to be evaluated and certified have job duties that require them to supervise and mentor others. Other times they are required to work without indirect supervision (eg. rural communities may not have a head coach on the floor at all times). Many individuals that choose the certification route are Recreation Coordinators/Directors who have job requirements that involve supervisory or mentorship duties.

I want to host an NCCP course or workshop at my club. How can I apply to be a host club & what are the requirements?
We are always looking for clubs to host coaching courses. Please view the AGF’s hosting requirements and hosting application form.

How do I complete my Respect in Sport training?
All coaches must become certified in the Respect in Sport program within 60 days of their employment date. The Respect in Sport certification is offered online. To login click here.

Why Certify?
Why Certify? AGF receives this question all the time. Understandably so, since the Gymnastics Foundations program does offer the option to be “trained” OR “certified”. So why would you take the extra time and steps to become certified? Click HERE to find out.

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