Why Gymnastics

Positive life skills. Resilience, dedication, confidence. New friends. Olympic dreams. This is the Alberta Gymnastics Federation.

Gymnastics builds the foundational skills for balance, agility, and strength, skills which can be carried throughout life in all sports and contribute to overall health and wellness. Through new accomplishments, kids build the confidence and resilience needed for lifelong success. Set goals, make new friends, and achieve new heights.

The Alberta Gymnastics Federation is both a provincial and national leader in safe sport, skill development, and places importance on inclusion, ensuring equal access to the sport for all.

Whether your goal is to improve your physical mobility and strength, participate in competitions, or work toward your Olympic dreams, Alberta Gymnastics Federation will help you get there.

The Alberta Gymnastics Federation puts safety at the forefront of everything we do. We are national leaders in our Safe Sport Policies. At all times, we ensure that everyone follows the rule of two which ensures a minimum of one Adult AGF Certified Coach is in the gym and accompanied by another trusted individual (coach/staff). Our adult certified AGF coaches are at least 18 years of age, pass police and intervention record checks and are required to take the Respect in Sport and the Making Ethical Decisions courses as part of their foundation training on their way to becoming certified in the National Coaching Certification Program of Canada. Safety is of utmost importance in our clubs for all our members. Feel free to review our AGF Safe Sport Best Practices for our guidelines.

Gymnastics is a unique sport wherein athletes build foundations in strength, agility, balance, and movement that can be carried through to other sports. Learn the basics in a sport that develops muscle and tone throughout the body, as well as posture and safe landing techniques.

Not only can you learn new skills, make new friends, and set goals for yourself, but participating in gymnastics competitions and exhibition events can build teamwork and elevate confidence, enabling participants to celebrate wins and reach for new heights.

Gymnastics athletes learn important life skills when it comes to physical and mental health. When kids achieve a goal they’ve set out for themselves, they push their own limits and develop an insatiable drive to do more. Celebrating these accomplishments with teammates and fellow students helps develop social skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.