Professional Development

Professional Development

The competency based approach of coach training includes evaluating the coach before issuing certification. Another component is the requirement of ongoing professional development to maintain certification.

This is not fully in place yet. However, once the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) has transferred the old coach certifications (Levels 1-5) into the new NCCP (i.e. Gymnastics Foundations, Competition Introduction, Competition-Development etc.) coaches will be required to meet professional development requirements to maintain their certification status. These requirements will be tracked in the NCCP database, referred to as the Locker.

Currently only those coaches with a Gymnastics Foundations Certification can begin to garner professional development points. Gymnastics Foundations CERTIFIED coaches will have 5 years to acquire 10 professional development points following their date of certification.

New: Earn 3 professional development points for completing the Gymnastics Foundations Intro Workbook. Upon completion simply submit the Gymnastics Foundations Workbook Completion Form.

Professional development points can be acquired in a variety of ways, they may include: taking a new NCCP course, re-taking an NCCP course and attendance at a recognized coaching conference (i.e. AGF Fall Congress, National Sport Leadership Conference, etc.).

Activity Category Points Limitations
Sport-specific Active coaching 1 point/ yeat for every season coached

1 point/year for Learning Facilitator or Evaluator activity

To a maximum number of points equal to the number of years of the certification renewal period, e.g. 3 point, if certification period is 3 years.
NCCP activity 5 point/training module or evaluation event No maximum or minimum
Non-NCCP activity 3 point for ~3 hours activity No maximum or minimum
Coach self-directed activity 3 points for the valid certification period
Re-evaluation in context 100% of the points required for PD credit in the context No other PD is required if coach chooses re-evaluation
Multi-sport NCCP activity
E-Learning Opportunities
5 points/training module or evaluation event No maximum or minimum
Non-NCCCP activity 1 point/hour of activity up to 3 points maximum To a maximum of 50% of required PD credit for the context in a certification renewal period

Point Requirements By Level:

Gymnastics Foundation Certified = 10 pts/5 years

Competition Introduction Certified (L2) = 20 pts/5 years

Competition Development Certified (L3) = 30 pts/5 years

Competition Development Advanced (L4) = 30 pts/5 years

AGF will communicate to the membership when more coaching levels are eligible to start obtaining professional development points.

The Professional Coach

These professional development requirements will further enhance the concept of the professional coach. This is similar to any professional society (engineers, doctors, fundraisers, accountants, etc.) where ongoing learning and professional development enhance the profession and strengthen its reputation.

The initial NCCP certification is similar to the requirements for acceptance into a professional society. As with any of these societies, ongoing professional development is required to maintain membership.