About Us


Alberta Gymnastics Federation is the not for profit, governing body for gymnastics in Alberta and a member of the National Sport Organization Gymnastics Canada. We provide a range of information & resources to all levels of gymnasts, athletes, coaches, and judges. Our primary role is to provide administrative support in the development and delivery of programs in Artistic, Trampoline & Tumbling, Acrobatic and Gymnastics For All Programs, as well as in National Coaching Certification programs and events.


A thriving gymnastics community that delivers positive experiences in the pursuit of excellence.
In Alberta, gymnastics clubs are healthy and vibrant. AGF and clubs across Alberta work together as a community to ensure that all participants have a positive experience as they aspire to achieve their personal best.


To collaborate with gymnastics clubs to grow participation through positive experiences, coaching excellence, and athlete success.
AGF works collaboratively with clubs to grow the sport of gymnastics. AGF and its clubs continually strive to deliver positive experiences to participants. AGF recognizes that coaches are key to the success of gymnastics and invests in training and mentorship to ensure quality programming at all levels. AGF supports its athletes to achieve high levels of personal success.

2021 – 2026 Strategic Plan  to better understand our overall direction for Gymnastics in Alberta


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