How to become a Gymnastics Coach

Recreational Coaching Information

The Gymnastics Foundations Pathway is comprised of 3 separate courses, Foundations Theory, Foundations Introduction, and Foundations Sport Specific.

Individuals looking to begin their coach education to become a gymnastics coach must first register for a National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) number in the Locker by creating a profile before registering for any Gymnastics Foundations courses. (Don’t have an NCCP #, Click here to create one).


Gymnastics Foundations Courses

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Gymnastics Foundations INTRODUCTION (9 hours)

Prerequisites: Minimum age 15
This one day NCCP course is taught in the gym and is an active course. It is relevant to all gymnastics disciplines (Active Start, Artistic, Trampoline & Rhythmic). The course will cover the Fundamentals of gymnastics while developing Fitness abilities and having Fun.

Gymnastics Foundations THEORY (4 hours)

Prerequisites: Minimum age 15
This 4 hour NCCP course will take place in an online classroom setting and is applicable to all gymnastics disciplines. It will cover the modules Planning a Practice and Making Ethical Decisions. Upon completion of the THEORY course all coaches should complete the online MED (Competition Introduction) evaluation. See MED section for more details.

Gymnastics Foundations Discipline Specific Course (9 hours): Active Start | Artistic | Trampoline

Prerequisites: Minimum age 15
We are currently running 3 discipline-specific NCCP courses. Each of these one-day courses will provide information specific to each discipline and will take place in a gym setting.

  • Active Start (AS):
    Prerequisites: Minimum age 15, GF Theory, GF Introduction, & GF Artistic
    This course is designed for coaches working with preschool age children. Coaches are introduced to the AS approach, the AS child, the AS lesson and the AS program.
    Coaches will be equipped to coach participants under 6 years old.
  • Artistic:
    Prerequisites: Minimum age 15, GF Theory, GF Introduction
    Coaches will learn Fundamental Movement Patterns (landings, stationary positions, locomotion, rotation, spring and swing) and basic skills specific to artistic gymnastics.
    Coaches will be equipped to coach Recreational Artistic participants 6 years old and older.
  • Trampoline:
    Prerequisites: Minimum age 15, GF Theory, GF Introduction
    Coaches will learn progressions and safety tips for teaching basic jumps, body landing skills, adding twist before or after a skill and combination skills specific to trampoline gymnastics. This course does not include any inverted skills.
    Coaches will be prepared to coach Recreational Trampoline participants 6 years old and older.

Gymnastics Foundations Certification

THEORY + INTRO + SPORT SPECIFIC (Artistic, Trampoline etc.) = TRAINED

“TRAINED” coaches may independently coach their own group of athletes as long as there is a “Certified” coach who is 18 years or older in the gym at all times. Coaches are encouraged to only coach athletes at their present level of training or below. “TRAINED” coaches may proceed through the coaching pathway and are eligible to take Competitive Introduction (C1) courses in their specified discipline.


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