Team Alberta

Team Alberta/GymCan Events

Events marked with an asterisk (*) are GymCan events and have additional requirements. For up-to-date event dates and info please refer to the AGF Calendar of Events.

Acrobatic Gymnastics

  • Canadian Championships*

Artistic Gymnastics

  • Team Excel
  • Western Canadian Championships
  • Canadian Championships*
  • Alberta Winter Games
  • Arctic Winter Games
  • Canada Winter Games*

Gymnastics For All

  • GFA Retreat
  • Gymfest
  • Western Gymnaestrada
  • Canadian Gymnaestrada*
  • World Gymnaestrada*

Trampoline & Tumbling Gymnastics

  • Canadian Championships*
  • Western Canada Cup
  • Team Excel
  • Canada Winter Games*

Team Alberta

This manual is to provide Team Alberta members with an understanding of the responsibilities and conduct expected as representatives of the Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) and Team Alberta.

Team Alberta Manual

Requirements for Coaches, Managers and Coach Developers

If you are attending any of the events listed above as a coach or manager, or you work as a coach developer, you must complete the following requirements.

All of these requirements are due March 1st every year. It is your responsibility to have these checks completed on time and to share them with AGF. Please view your Uplifter profile to see the most recent checks that AGF has on file for you.

  1. Be a registered AGF member in good standing.
  2. Complete your Respect in Sport training module.
    • This is a one-time training module that all AGF members are required to complete. Upon completion, you will be provided with a training certificate. Please send a copy of this certificate and its corresponding number to the AGF staff member overseeing your program.

Respect In Sport

  1. Police Check (also called a back check/criminal record check).
    • This check is required every 3 years in Alberta and every year for GymCan events. This can be completed online, and shared automatically with AGF through Sterling Backcheck. *Please note that a vulnerable sector check is not included in the online version of a back check.

Police Check

  1. Vulnerable Sector Check
    • This check is is an additional check that is added onto a police check for individuals working with vulnerable populations. Therefore, all vulnerable sector checks have a police check included in it.Please consult your local police department to find out how to obtain a vulnerable sector check, as it varies between jurisdictions. AGF can provide a volunteer letter to managers to reduce the cost of the check. To request a letter, please contact your respective AGF program staff member.
  2. Child/Youth Intervention Check
    • This check is required every 3 years in Alberta. This check is NOT done at a police station. You must file a form (with 2 pieces of ID) online. This check is free of charge.

Please complete the following digital form: Intervention Record Check

You must complete the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Do not print and photograph the form or change it into Word document.

Then, send your completed form along with a copy of 2 pieces of government-issued ID (as a second attachment) to the IRC unit in your region. Examples of accepted forms of ID: driver’s license, AB identification card, Treaty status card, AHC, firearms license, birth certificate, and passport. Do not send a copy of your Social Insurance Number.

To submit your IRC documents, please email the IRC unit in your region:

The IRC mailboxes for Alberta’s 5 Regions are :

Before submitting your request, please double check that you have:

  • Entered your personal information in section 1 – name, complete address, aliases, children, DOBs, etc.
  • Identified the organization & type of position you are applying for in section 2.
  • Typed your name and date at the bottom of sections 1 & 2 to verify the information provided is correct and to consent to having the check completed (check the box in front as well).
  • Ensured that the completed IRC form is attached as a PDF. Do not include pictures or web links.
  • Attached a copy of 2 pieces of government issued ID.

Incomplete requests will be returned for correction and will create delays in processing.

Please note that processing times may take up to 30 business days and will depend on the volume of requests. If you anticipate you will be a team coach or manager at a Team Alberta event, we recommend you send in the form/ID pieces 2 months before the competition date. For more information on IRC checks, click here.

Additional Requirement for Team Managers

Team managers must complete an application form to be considered for the role. An updated Team Manager manual will be coming shortly and disturbed once your application is received.

Managers will be required to be at training camps and miscellaneous zoom meetings prior to departure for events. This information will be communicated well in advance.

Additional Requirement for Coach Developers

In addition to the requirements listed above, Coach Developers must also:

  • Complete the “Make Ethical Decisions” evaluation: Click here and navigate to e-Learning > Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation. Your transcript will be updated once you’ve successfully completed the evaluation. One-time completion required.
  • Sign the “Coach Developer Code of Conduct”:  Download form. Must be completed annually.

Additional GymCan Requirements

In addition to the requirements stated in the section above, all coaches attending a GymCan event must complete:

Requirements for Judges

In order to judge and be insured at all events in Alberta you must complete the following and send all your documentation to your program coordinator/chair:

  1. Notification and Assumption of Risk Form: One-time requirement unless this form gets updated at which time you will be contacted by an AGF staff member and requested to complete the new form.
  2. Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) Form: Required annually.
  3. Back/Police Check: Required every 3 years in Alberta and every year if you’ll be travelling to GymCan events.
    Obtain your Back/Police Check here.
  4. Respect in Sport (RiS) Certification: This is a learning module that must be completed once in your lifetime. Upon completion, you will be provided with a training certificate. You’ll need to submit a copy of this certificate and its corresponding number. Register for RiS Training.