What is a membership?

Think of membership as support for your club and each of its members including gymnasts, coaches, and our judges. This ensures that your club can operate in Alberta having access to courses, clinics and information that will help you deliver quality programs to your membership.

With over 75 member clubs in Alberta, Alberta Gymnastics Federation is a leader in assisting our member clubs achieve excellence.

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Club and Member Registration Forms (MUST COMPLETE)

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Coach and Athlete Registration Forms (MUST COMPLETE)

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Drop in and Birthday Party Information

Drop in, Birthday Party Registration Form
Memo: AGF Insurance Rates for Drop-In/Birthday Parties


Notification and Assumption of Risk Information

NEW, DEC 6, 2016

Memo: Notification of Risk and PIPA Forms, common questions

NEW, Nov 15, 2016

Memo: Notificationand Assumption of Risk, Consent to First Aid Treatment, and Release of Liability and Waiver of Claims

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Memo: Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)

** Notification and Assumption of Risk, Consent to First Aid Treatment, and Release of Liability & Waiver of Claims Form 
** Personal Information Protection Act Form (PIPA)


In addition to ongoing support and communication through many available channels, AGF is committed to providing you with all you will need to run successful and enjoyable gymnastics programs across Alberta.

Here is a list of the perks we will provide to clubs as members:

Services and Resources:

  • Club management tools
  • Regulation of coaching standards
  • Comprehensive insurance package
  • Comprehensive coach & volunteer screening
  • Sport & club promotion
  • Respect in Sport certification
  • Grants, funding support letters & funding through partnering organizations
  • Input into operation & policy development
  • ActiveNet on-line registration

Events and Activities:

  • Courses
  • Recreation celebrations
  • Conferences & seminars


We provide member clubs with a solid insurance package. Not only is it a perk, insurance is a requirement. This comprehensive package protects your club and its members (directors and representatives of the AGF, coaches, volunteers, and athletes).

Please note that for the 2017-2018 season (Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring) the following fees will be applied

Individuals registered with AGF in the Developmental and Gymnastics for All Streams will be required to pay a $5.60 insurance fee.

Athletes registered with AGF in the Provincial and National Streams will be required to pay a $7.50 insurance fee.

Your insurance package:

Your package, through Toole Peet and Co., is made up of three components:

1. Comprehensive General Liability Policy, the primary purpose of this insurance is to protect the member clubs against the consequences of their negligence, alleged or otherwise, resulting in either or both bodily injury or property damage to a third party both,  in terms of litigation costs and the potential of damages awarded.

The concept of negligence is what determines the degree to which a member club can be held liable.

Negligence is further determined by answering the following questions:

  • Was there a duty of care owed by the member club?
    Duty of care can be defined as “a legal obligation which is imposed on an individual requiring adherence to a tandsard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseeable harm other”      
  • Was there a failure on behalf of the member club to provide that duty of care?
  • Did that failure lead to the bodily injury or property damage of a third party?

In the event that the negligence of the member club is proven, the current insurance program provides a total of 10 million dollars (a $5 million primary Comprehensive liability policy plus a separate $5 million Excess liability policy) worth of protection for these litigation and settlement costs.

2. Sports Accident Policy, which provides cash payment for specific types of injuries. Costs such as ambulance charges, and immediate “out of pocket” expenses related to an injury may also be provided through this coverage.

In conjunction with the general liability policy, the Alberta Gymnastics Federation provides a sports accident package to pay benefits in the event of accident or injuries sustained by any of the participating members or any member club in the Alberta Gymnastics Federation while involved in a practice session or in competition.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is the fact that in the event of accident, whether or not the individual member club is at fault, an injured athlete will be indemnified by this insurance coverage for a variety of injuries.

It’s also important to know that employee based benefit packages and/or Alberta Health Care provisions would be treated as the primary coverage for these expenses. This program provides additional “top –up” coverage to these plans.

3. Club Directors and Officers Liability, which provides 1 million dollars worth of coverage for claims made against a board member for wrongful acts related to “corporate governance” activities while serving in their capacity as a Club board member.  This will fund the defense and settlement if need be.

The central issue is ‘Standard of Care’; the measure applied to the decisions you make as part of your responsibility for managing the association on whose board you sit.  You are expected to discharge your duties in good faith, and to the best of your ability, as governed by the considerations that a reasonable and prudent citizen would deem appropriate.

Unfortunately, assuming a leadership role also makes you responsible for the consequences of your actions and sometimes for those of your colleagues on the board.  Any decision made by the board, jointly or singly, may come under scrutiny, especially in areas involving finances.

The responsibilities of an officer or director do not end with the fiduciary capacity.  Anything done by a Director which is perceived to be in breach of duty or trust can be grounds for an action against the individual, or the Board as a whole.

Statically, the most common form of claims again not- for- profit boards come from employees and the related employment practices of the organization such as wrongful dismissal and employee based harassment allegations with third party libel/slander coming in second. 

Even more daunting are allegations of misallocation or misuse of funds, sometimes leading to criminal charges, which can place a Director in the uncomfortable position of having the fund their own defense.

4. DAS Legal Advice Gymnastics Club Program: Beginning May 1, 2016 all member clubs are entitled to receive service from the DAS Canada Legal Advice Gymnastics Program, this program will provide your Board of Directors, club owners and general managers UNLIMITED access to legal advice from 8:00 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week. Please contact AGF for the applicable information.

Making a claim:


Mr Neil H. Hogg 
Toole Peet and Co
PO Box 4650, Station C

1135 -17 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2T 2R5

Office: 403-209-5428 or 1-888-83-Toole (86653)
Fax: 403-228-0231

Please note, your club may choose to purchase supplementary coverage through Toole Peet and Co. at a member rate. You may also wish to explore coverage for things like building contents, business interruption, or increasing Directors’ and Officers’ Liability.


To find out more about the application process, please refer to your AGF Communications Binder and our Insurance Bulletin (downloadable PDF).

Still have questions? Read through our FAQ section of the Insurance Bulletin or contact us for more information.

Claim Forms:


Our members qualify for a number of grants through our partners including our partner, The Alberta Sport Connection, as well as the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). Avoid missing important application deadlines. Check back regularly for updates!

Alberta Sport Connection Grant Funding Programs:

Event Support Program:
Encourages the development of youth in sport, recreation, parks and wildlife and promotes economic growth in Alberta. More information

Coach and Official Initiatives:
Provides opportunities to further coaching and officials development in Alberta. More information

Development Initiatives Program:
Provides support to Albertans working in the areas of sport, recreation, parks and wildlife for project and program related endeavors. More information

Podium Alberta:
Provides support to Alberta High Performance Athletes. More information

Donation Fund Program:
The Donation Fund Program has been established to enlist donors to support sport & recreation development in Alberta. More information

Other Grants and Awards:

Endowment Fund Award:
Awarded to Calgary athletes competing at a high-performance national or international level and who are committed in their pursuit of excellence. Closing date is February 15 More information

Canadian Athletes Now Fund:
Provides funds and awareness to athletes representing Canada internationally. Closing date is August 21 More information

See a list of available grants and awards from Sport Calgary.

The Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) and 3rd Level Consulting are pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership to further enhance services provided to the AGF members.

3rd Level Consulting can help your gymnastics organization increase its profitability and efficiency. It will help you fine-tune your business systems, expand your business, and get your leadership team on the same "business page." 3rd Level's integrated services include a free E-book, online management and leadership courses, weekly business education articles, a business issues "hot line," workshops, conferences and customized services as needed. Visit for more details.

All AGF member club benefits (Bronze level membership) include:

  • Consulting Service and Resources
  • Monthly E-mail Business Articles
  • Monthly Webinars
  • Success Solutions Dashboard
  • Building Your Business Potential eBook
  • Access to the ABC Start Up Document Set
  • Access to the Essential 101 Pro Dashboard Documents
  • Business Success Level 1 Course

Help videos to get you started

Business Hot Line

For any business issues, please email:

Barbara Anne May:  

Frank Sahlein:


Click the logo to go to the 3rd Level Consulting website SS Dashboard. The Success Solutions Dashboard is a dynamic and interactive online business management tool to develop clear direction and organization of all of the vital work necessary to grow your gymnastics business.


Click to access 3rd Level Monthly Webinars on YouTube.




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