Gymnastics Nova Scotia HP Excellence Coaches – Call for Applicants

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Gymnastics Nova Scotia HP Excellence Coaches – Call for Applicants

28 February 2024

Job Details

Gymnastics Nova Scotia is inviting applications for 3 part-time positions of HP Excellence Coach (one in each of 3 disciplines – MAG, WAG & TG). These 3 part-time positions will involve work with athletes and member clubs, specifically in the area of High Performance coaching.

Each position will be a 1 year contract that requires 4 1/3 hours per week with an annual salary of $7292 per
discipline. The breakdown of hours is as follows:

  • Minimum of 3 1/3 hours per week of direct practical coaching in specific discipline,
  • Additional time is allowed for planning and administration in specific discipline
    Gymnastics Nova Scotia is able to offer this position through the financial assistance from Sport Nova Scotia’s Support 4 Sport Program.

HP Coach Specific Requirements per discipline:

  1. Required 3 1/3 hours per week of direct practical coaching hours or equivalent (ie monthly camps,
    competitions, National training camps, testing)
  2. Additional time is allowed for administration in relation to HP planning and organizing
  3. Deliverables include: development, in collaboration with technical committee and GNS, of a discipline
    specific HP plan (4 year) which would include (but not limited to):

    • Refinement and development of physical abilities testing for HP and pre-HP
    • Tracking testing, performance and other metrics of identified athletes
    • Organize Mental Performance, Nutrition and safe-sport sessions
    • Coordinate with appropriate technical chairs for NSPPI review/reporting
    • Coordinate annual coach professional development opportunities
    • Recommend and coordinate alternate out of province or out of country training/competition
    • Review sport culture and recommend/implement strategies to improve inclusion, health and
      well-being while fostering success and excellence in the sport
  4. Liaise with GNS, SNS and CSIA staff as required
  5. Assist club coaches with Ignite applications/schedules
  6. Communicate regularly with all GNS clubs within the discipline, be a technical resource for clubs with
    developmental programs, provide in gym and/or video assistance for HP-identified athletes’ coaches in
    addition to in gym coaching time.
  7. Attend GCG related technical meetings
  8. Submit monthly reports to and/or attend Board meetings
  9. Attend identified competitions: GNS Provincial Championships, Canadian Championships, Easterns,
    Elite Canada and CWG or travel meets.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Minimum of NCCP Comp Dev or Level 3 certification in specific gymnastics discipline
  • Standard First Aid Completed
  • Knowledge of the International Gymnastics Federation Code of Points and Canadian Competition
    Models for all ages, levels and disciplines.
  • Understanding and acceptance of the principles of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model.
  • HP Coaching experience
  • Experience with planning, organizing and administering HP gymnastics
  • Strong management and leadership skills
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team environment
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Self-motivation, confidence and positive attitude
  • Knowledge of the structure of gymnastics in Nova Scotia and gymnastics in Canada

Qualified applicants are invited to submit their resume and other information by March 12, 2024 to:

Gymnastics Nova Scotia
5516 Spring Garden Rd, 4th Floor
Halifax, NS B3J 1G6
Phone: (902)425-5450, ext. 338
Email: [email protected]

Please be sure to clearly specify what discipline you are applying for.

Club name

Gymnastics Nova Scotia

Contact email

[email protected]

Contact phone

(902)425-5450, ext. 338