Becoming A Coach

Becoming a Coach

Coaches are highly regarded, and their time is always in demand. At the same time, they enjoy flexible schedules. Coaches may spend just a few hours a week working with gymnasts to build their skills or have a full schedule training athletes for competitive events both locally and nationally.

Anyone can become a gymnastics coach, athletes, parents, aunts, and uncles, etc. If you are interested, you can start the pathway to becoming a certified gymnastics coach today.

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This program is for anyone starting at the age of 13. This program allows younger potential coaches to begin training before they are eligible to participate in the NCCP courses. A Pre-CIT may only assist a certified adult coach.

NCCP Minimum Age to Becoming a Gymnastics Coach

You must be 15 years old no later than on the weekend of the course you would like to attend.

First NCCP Courses to Take

Gymnastic Foundations (GF) Theory, Gymnastic Foundations (GF) Introduction, in Alberta we offer the GF Introduction course as a package with GF Artistic course.

Choose the discipline you would like to coach

Artistic – Courses Available

  • Gymnastic Foundation Artistic,
  • Gymnastic Foundations Active Start,
  • Competition Introduction WAG|MAG,
  • Competition Introduction Advance WAG|MAG,
  • Competition Developmental WAG|MAG

Trampoline – Courses Available

  • Gymnastics Foundations Trampoline,
  • Competition Introduction Trampoline,
  • Competition Introduction Advance Trampoline,
  • Competition Developmental Trampoline – Currently being developed

Acrobatic – Courses Available

  • Competition Introduction Acro – Currently under review

NCCP Training

Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) offers coaching courses throughout the year. Check out our current listings or courses

Certification Process

Once all the required courses have been completed, coaches must assemble their Coaching Portfolio and complete the discipline specific evaluation process to become certified.
Click here for more information on getting certified.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]