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The Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) is pleased to be partnered with 3rd Level Consulting to further enhance services provided to AGF member clubs. 3rd Level Consulting can help your gymnastics organization increase its profitability and efficiency. It will help you fine-tune your business systems, expand your business, and get your leadership team on the same “business page.”

AGF member clubs currently have access to the following benefits through this partnership:

  • FREE copy of the eBook “Building Your Business Potential” by Frank Sahlein, Founder & CEO of 3rd Level Consulting.
    Learn more and submit your request for a copy.
  • FREE download of a 23-point SmartAudit to help you identify areas of improvement for your business.
    Learn more and submit your request to download the audit.
  • Advisory input to all AGF club board members, based on 3rd Level Consulting’s global work.
  • FREE use of the 3rd Level RiskAssure Solutions application for tracking equipment repairs/maintenance, incidents recording and follow up, and overall facility risk assessments.
  • Industry-specific, global perspectives on trends and metrics, including periodic articles and webinars on sport and business trends. Available upon request.
  • Professional industry-specific business presentations and 1:1 consulting opportunities. These are currently being offered at AGF Congress, which takes place every two years.
  • World-class 3rd Level SmartEDGE Resources access and training. An overview of the SmartEDGE tool is available during club visits with AGF’s Membership Engagement Manager. Learn more and request a visit.
  • Special rates on 3rd Level’s SmartEdge Resources Professional Membership benefits; special rates on LEAP! Learning curriculum platforms.

For a detailed walk-through of the benefits available to AGF members and to schedule a partnership discussion, click here.

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Resources Available for FREE Download by AGF Member Clubs

eBook: Building Your Business Potential
by Frank Sahlein, Founder & CEO, 3rd Level Consulting

This book is a MUST Read for all Owners & Managers working at a child activity center of any kind.

Did you know that the keys to service business success are right at your fingertips? The best material ever written for our industry is in this 100% FREE eBook offered as a gift to AGF member clubs as part of AGF’s partnership with 3rd Level Consulting.

The 8 modules of SUCCESS presented in these pages will increase your overall efficiency, revenue and profit while significantly decreasing stress and risk!


23-point Smart Audit

Congratulations on your success to date! Most likely there are still opportunities abounding in your business. But sometimes, when you’re too close, they are hard to see.
In 10 minutes, this easy 23-point SmartAudit from 3rd Level Consulting will reveal the exact areas that your business can take advantage of in the immediate future.


Guaranteed to Grow Your Business!

Building Your Business Potential is our mission! We guarantee to increase your efficiency and profitability while decreasing your risk and stress. The combination of your local expertise and our global perspective, we will do just that with diligent effort. The return on investment and net result are your peace of mind via these integrated and effective systems. You can get a personalized, FREE demo to see how the client member benefits can grow your company.

Watch the video to LEARN MORE!

SmartEDGE Resources

The innovative, multi-media 3rd Level SmartEDGE Resources platform dramatically changes the way child activity centers conduct, monitor, and GROW their business in as little as $2 per day. It is GUARANTEED to improve your efficiency and profitability while decreasing stress and risk! In addition to our unparalleled guarantee, you can author your own custom training materials on our world-class Learning Management System (LMS) platform. The platform is scalable to ADD your key Site, General, Program, and Office Managers as your 3rd Level Membership Level allows. Explore the videos and key online benefits below and get your FREE Demo TODAY!

Super-charge Your Business, Marketing & Staff Systems

Go to the LEAP! Learning website to learn more.


RiskAssure is a complete risk management solution that has been created by industry experts to ensure that your gymnastics’ center activities are inspected, cataloged, and protected. To learn more, visit the RiskAssure website.

Go to the RiskAssure login where you can also access a video tour of the tool.

Contact 3rd Level Consulting: Business Hot Line

For any business issues, please email:

Barbara Anne May

[email protected]

Frank Sahlein

[email protected]

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