Out of Country Travel Form

31 January 2024

Beginning tomorrow, Thursday, February 1, 2024, Gymnastics Canada (GymCan) will be making a change in policy and will no longer require members to submit travel authorization forms to them but rather you will now submit them to the Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF).

If your club will be travelling outside of Canada, an Out of Country Travel Form needs to be completed. The form must be filled out and submitted for all activities including, but not limited to, competitions, training camps, clinics, etc.

The main purpose for this is risk management and to ensure that we are aware of any travel that may be taking place. Then we can assist should any issues arise either during or following the activity. In addition, it can help us to identify coaches or athletes who are attending activities, and we can work with you to highlight them on our social media platforms.

AGF has made a couple of significant changes from the previous GymCan form: including the minimum coaching level required for travel, streamlining the form, and removing the processing fee.

AGF must receive the completed form a minimum of 60 days before the first day of the event/activity. Once your form is submitted you will receive a copy and the AGF office will review to ensure all athletes and coaches are registered members in good standing. We will reply with confirmation within 10 days.

If AGF is not made aware of travel to an event/activity, no insurance coverage will be provided. As a reminder, AGF’s accident insurance policy does not provide travel medical insurance coverage. It only covers incidents that may occur during the approved event/activity while participating on the field of play. In addition, it does not include incidents that may occur off the field of play or during non-training and/or competition activities (such as a social events or travel to and from the venue).

You are encouraged to seek out additional coverage for the areas not covered through AGF. 

Should you have any questions regarding this form, please reach out to your program manager or the AGF office.

Freep!k image courtesy of @Brgfx