TG Program Updates – Dec 2023

15 December 2023

A big thank you to Coach Antoine Vallières (pictured) who was our guest at Airdrie Edge last weekend and worked with many of our National Level athletes!

After a very successful training camp we have a few weeks of downtime before we turn towards 2024.

As an athlete I know we don’t tend to be very good at relaxing during the break. Most gymnasts and parents of athletes know we need a way to stay active and burn our energy. So I’ve gathered a list of fun activities athletes can enjoy this December:

  1. Activate Games – Calgary North, Calgary South West, Edmonton South & Edmonton West
  2. Rock Climbing at Bolder Calgary, Boulders Edmonton, Trailhead Red Deer, or Coulee Climbing Lethbridge
  3. Outdoor skating season has begun with the Victoria Park Oval and Sir Wilfred Laurier Park in Edmonton as well as Olympic Plaza in Calgary now open. Alberta is home to a lot of outdoor skating and more locations will open as the weather gets colder! And there’s always indoor arenas as well 😊
  4. With recent snowfalls many ski resorts around Alberta have opened a good portion of their trails including: Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, & Castle Mountain. Norquay and Marmot basin are open; however, they have less open terrain in this early season.

Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy this well deserved break!